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Luke Combs Talks About Crazy Beautiful In Today’s Nashville Roundup

Riley Green tells the website Cowboys & Indians that his favorite place to be is home. “I built a house on some land that I bought from my grandmother where my Granddaddy Buford used to have a peach orchard when I was a kid. It’s right next to a water tank. I grew up right there hunting in that little spot. I built the house. … I’m in Nashville 90 percent of the time now, but I’ll always want that place right there. I feel like I’m going on vacation when I go home.”

Fox News claims Keith Urban is going to perform at an outdoor NHL game between the Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins on February 23rd. The game is in Philly.

Riley Green tells Billboard magazine that his music career started by playing funny songs for friends. “On baseball trips, coaches used to let me take my guitar on the back of the bus and I’d write songs about people. It was really just a thing where I played around campfires and wrote songs my buddies would laugh about.”

Dierks Bentley tells The Ottawa Citizen that he flies planes because his kids don’t want him riding motorcycles. “I used to have all these hobbies, as far as riding motorcycles and boats. I just love doing all that stuff, but you get busier, and you have kids and family, and you have to pick your battles, what you can and can’t do, and for me, that choice was to fly airplanes. You can still hear the thrashing of a motor and all that, but it’s taking me to and from work so it’s multi-tasking. The kids don’t want me to ride motorcycles. They think it’s dangerous.”

Luke Combs tells Forbes magazine that “Beautiful Crazy” is about his fiancé. “I wrote it about my now-fiancé before we started dating. I think it was a first-time thing for me as far as having that direct inspiration for a song. It’s fun and it’s lighthearted, but it also has a message: you’re supposed to love someone for who they are. That was the idea when we wrote the song. There might be things that are quirky or weird about somebody, but sometimes, those are the things that draw you to that person.”

Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline tells CMT that she fell for him while in a bar. “We met my first week of college, at a bar called Dingus, and we were just hanging out. It was a Thursday night. I was a freshman. It was my first time in a bar. I was so sheltered growing up in a very small town — Sandersville, the Kaolin Capital of the World — and I’d had the same boyfriend since 8th grade. We’d agreed to go our separate ways and just see what was out there. Luke’s personality was so big, I was staring at him like, ’Is this guy for real?’ He was the second guy I ever kissed in my life. Ever.”