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Maren And Ryan At Home In Today’s Nashville Roundup

Luke Bryan tells People magazine that he pretends Elvis is watching him when he performs live. “No matter whether I’m on Farm Tour or I’m at a big football stadium, I try to go out there with the same mentality. I try to perform my shows like Elvis is watching and try to do the best I can night in and night out and have a big ol’ performance.”

Maren Morris tells People magazine that when she’s at home with her husband Ryan Hurd he is the chef and she is the mixologist. “I’m the ‘drink girl’ and he makes the food. It’s kind of a cute routine.”

Luke Combs tells Gibson Guitars that growing up only one of his parents liked country music. “My dad wasn’t a big country fan, but my mom was. We would roll around and listen to Brooks & Dunn and Clint Black on cassette tape. My first concert was Vince Gill in 1996, I was six!”

Chris Young tells Rolling Stone Magazine that he constantly sang as a child. “We didn’t have a whole lot of cash growing up. My mom was a single parent for a while before my stepdad came into the picture. But that was one of the few things we could go do — go to [Nashville’s now defunct] Starwood Amphitheatre. I don’t think my mom knew at that point I’d want to do this for a living, but she knew I sang all the time and wouldn’t shut up.

Garth Brooks tells People Magazine that ‘kids will be kids’ regardless of how you raise them. “Kids are the greatest joy and the greatest heartache you’ll ever have. The saying is, as long as your babies are healthy, everything else you can deal with. If they have D’s, if they flunk, you deal with it. You can introduce them to the Lord, teach them manners, teach them to believe in themselves, but the truth is, they’re going to be who they’re going to be.”

Chris Janson tells Rolling Stone magazine that he rarely drinks alcohol. “I drink if I like what’s in the cup. If my wife has a good peach martini on the table, I’m going to take a couple sips of it, and I might even have one. Everything in moderation. I’ve always kind of said that under my breath, but never out loud.”