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Maren Morris Talks About ‘Girl’ In Today’s Nashville Roundup

Maren Morris tells Vulture magazine that ‘Girl” is a therapeutic song for her. “I really wasn’t writing ‘Girl’ to be this statement song. It was a really personal kind of diary entry the day that I wrote it, and it was something I really needed to get out. When I heard the demo back a couple of days later, it felt extremely therapeutic to me to listen to it over and over because it was just this motto I needed to keep in my head: Don’t wear someone else’s crown. Quit comparing yourself. It’s okay to not like yourself today, but tomorrow will be different. That’s what I needed to hear.”

Justin Moore tells Billboard magazine that he’s just a ‘hometown’ boy. “I love where I grew up, all my family’s still there. My kids go to school where I went to school. We live on the property that I grew up on, about 300 yards behind my parent’s house that I grew up in. Back home, everybody’s proud of me and for me for what I’ve been able to accomplish in my career, but I’m still Justin to everybody back there. I’m not ‘Justin Moore,’ I’m just Justin.”

Eater Nashville says a Johnny Cash-themed restaurant has opened in Music City called Johnny Cash’s Kitchen and Saloon. The restaurant features Cash’s music and murals of the icon. The restaurant also has comfy leather couches, a performance area and comfort food such as biscuits, beans, fried chicken, pie and macaroni and cheese.

Thomas Rhett tells Good Morning America that his sixth-grade band teacher inspired him to become a country star. “The reason I formed a band in sixth grade was because of our band teacher. Drums was my first instrument… I think I did one football game as a pit band drummer, and that really encouraged me to start this terrible band called the High-Heeled Flip Flops. If it weren’t for that, I really don’t know if I would have kept pursuing music the way that I did it. That really sparked my fire for being in front of people and writing songs.”

Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley tells CMT that he and Tyler Hubbard have “spiritual” abilities. “Tyler and I both got started playing guitar and singing in church before we met back in high school. When we both graduated from Belmont University, we started helping out in church together in Lebanon, Tennessee, in 2010. Growing up with that background in spiritual music, being able to break down walls, it taught us how to connect with people on a spiritual level. People are lifting their hands, they’re crying, they’re dancing, they’re singing and it’s a magical thing. It’s something bigger than us all.”

Chris Young tells The Charlotte Observer that he isn’t bothered by the fact that there are several other famous Chris Youngs. “My name is just five letters on both ends, and it’s pretty basic. It’s hard to mess my name up. A lot of people were like, “Did you change your name to that? I was like, “No, this was just always it.” But, I mean, when I got started, I don’t even think either one of those Chris Youngs was playing yet. Like, the one guy that’s retired is a pitcher. The one guy that’s still in is an outfielder. I actually sang the national anthem at one of the games where Chris Young the outfielder was still playing for the Diamondbacks. I sang it at Wrigley Field while they were playing the Cubs, and I would have given anything for somebody to have been filming him in the dugout, and they go, “And now singing the national anthem, Chris Young!”