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McGraw’s Business Venture In Today’s Nashville Roundup

Tim McGraw and Snap Fitness are teaming to open a chain of boutique fitness clubs called TruMav Fitness. The first clubs will start opening in 2019.

Tim says. “Physical fitness is something I value. It can help you lead your best life. Working out becomes a habit when it’s an easy part of your every day. That’s why I’ve partnered with Snap Fitness to create TruMav. We want to help you find what works for your fitness goals and give you a community that can inspire you to achieve them.”

Carrie Underwood says her pregnancy is now causing her to wear her husband’s clothes. She tweeted: “Officially wearing Mike’s clothes in public now, so…” the star tweeted. “#pregnant #MyClothesDontFit #sorrybabe.”

Life & Style Weekly Magazine claims Carrie Underwood is planning to dress her soon-to-be-born son in her other son’s hand-me-downs. A source tells the magazine; “She’s using a lot of Isaiah’s hand-me-downs, but there’s still a lot of work to do. One of the rooms that’s practically finished is the nursery.”

Maren Morris tells Glamour magazine that she knows what she says or posts can come back to bite her. “There is an element of that fear when you say something, post something, or even write a song about something really personal. There’s always the inkling of some sort of backlash. But I personally don’t think that I’ve alienated any kind of audience.”

Kip Moore tells Billboard magazine that he needed to take a break before putting out his latest music. “I just knew I needed to get away. My soul was fried, my body was fried, I was mentally fried. I was just toast. I knew if I was going to be worth anything this year playing music, I needed to get away and have that time for myself. I’ve learned in this business if you don’t hold up your hand and say ‘I need a timeout,’ it’ll keep riding. I needed to step away, and I’m so glad that I did.”

Kane Brown tells People magazine that people used to bully him until he had a growth spurt. “Once I got to high school and hit my growth spurt, nobody really messed with me anymore. I just kept to myself. I kept my circle small. I had my friends that I knew wouldn’t do anything to hurt me, and I would also stand up for them, and those are still my friends today.”