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Mitchell Tenpenny’s First Band In Today’s Nashville Roundup

The Sun News claims Michael Ray, Randy Houser, Carly Pearce, and Love and Theft are going to play a Hurricane Florence benefit concert on November 11th in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Mitchell Tenpenny tells Billboard magazine that he started his first band in middle school. ”In middle school, I started with a rock band called Reserved, named that because we went to a place and there were a bunch of “Reserved” stickers left over after a party. We were like “Dude, Reserved! It’s totally our band name! Look, we got stickers, it’s done.” [Laughs] I started with that and did the hardcore, emo, screaming scene, and then came back home to a singer-songwriter of the country once I got into college.”

Naughty Gossip claims Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton were recently scheduled to tape a TV special on the same day until she rearranged the schedule. A source tells the website; “She demanded to film her segment on the second day of taping to avoid a run-in!”

A source tells Life & Style Weekly, “To Miranda, that’s enemy territory. She was visibly upset about having to perform on the Voice stage. She also refused to perform on the same night as Blake to avoid a run-in. Miranda wants nothing to do with Blake. In fact, she was so rattled by Blake’s presence that she made a beeline for the exit as soon as the Pistol Annies finished playing. She just couldn’t get out of there fast enough!”

Maren Morris tells Rolling Stone magazine that Sheryl Crow is her musical idol. “I am so inspired by her because she knocked down all the genre lines. She was a pop artist because it just spanned over so many different things. [But] it was just good music. And it was fresh. It was catchy and it had these sounds on it that were reminiscent of everything. She sort of created her own genre in that way.”

Chris Janson tells Rolling Stone magazine that “Drunk Girl” is a lesson for young men. “It’s teaching the younger generation of men that this is probably the better way to treat a girl. Instead of ‘let’s get drunk and hook up,’ it’s written from a man’s perspective, and from a father’s perspective. If my daughters were in that situation, I hope someone would treat them with that respect. Coming from a guy like me, the reason I get so passionate is that the greatest hero in my life is [my wife]. My hero is a woman.”

Kane Brown tells Rolling Stone magazine that people unfamiliar with his music often think he is a rapper. “I feel like everybody that saw my [early] videos was like, ‘Oh this dude’s about to rap!’ They just played my videos and I feel like I shocked a lot of people. I started getting close to everybody and I think they heard my story, what I had to tell them. I told them how I grew up … and I feel like they wanted to keep going with it.”