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Money Is Really Important In A Marriage

The saying, “What you don’t know can’t hurt you” doesn’t always apply to relationships, specifically marriage. But when it comes to financial matters, are some secrets enough to destroy a relationship? GOBankingRates surveyed more than 500 people across the U.S. to find that 27% of Americans would consider divorcing their spouse over lying about money. However, the survey did find that most Americans are forgiving when it comes to money matters of the heart; 73% of respondents said that divorce would not be an option if they found out their partner was carrying a financial secret. Top survey findings:

  • 78% of Americans said they have not lied to either their current or former partner about their finances
  • Women and men are in close agreement over the amount of hidden debt they would tolerate before considering divorce – with women claiming $15,490 and men claiming $14,414
  • Adults ages 25-34 are willing to tolerate the most hidden debt – $18,094, on average
  • 22% of Americans have lied to their partners about their finances, specifically their spending habits and amount of debt
  • Women are more likely to have lied about their spending habits than men – 13% versus 6%

GOBankingRates offers several telltale signs that your partner might have financial secrets – for example, if they insist on keeping separate bank accounts and not divulging any details, or if financial statements stop showing up indefinitely. Regularly reviewing your finances, spending habits and money goals together can go a long way in preventing any marital issues from arising. But if it comes to the point of no return and divorce seems imminent, you might want to research the cost of breaking up in your home state. Top 5 Most Expensive U.S. States to Get Divorced

  1. California
  • Average divorce filing fee: $435
  • Average divorce attorney’s fee: $13,800
  1. Connecticut
  • Average divorce filing fee: $360
  • Average divorce attorney’s fee: $12,200
  1. Florida
  • Average divorce filing fee: $380
  • Average divorce attorney’s fee: $10,700
  1. Texas
  • Average divorce filing fee: $300
  • Average divorce attorney’s fee: $12,400
  1. New Jersey
  • Average divorce filing fee: $300
  • Average divorce attorney’s fee: $12,300

Additional Insights

  • After you file for divorce in Arizona, there’s a 60-day “cooling off” period before it can be finalized.
  • If you are a parent in Delaware and file for divorce, you’re required to take a parent education class and your divorce won’t be processed until you obtain a certificate of completion.
  • In Louisiana, spouses who have minor children must live apart for a full year before a divorce will be granted, according to
  • New Jersey is one of the states that accept “no-fault” divorces, in which neither spouse has to prove that the other is responsible for causing the marriage to end.