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More New Foods Announced For 2023 State Fair Of Texas

DALLAS – September 13, 2023 – The State Fair of Texas is known for taking culinary creativity to new heights, and 2023 is no exception. Fairgoers have the opportunity to taste all of the finalists of the Big Tex Choice Awards and decide if they agree with the judges’ selections for “Best Taste – Savory,” “Best Taste – Sweet,” and “Most Creative.” The State Fair will also offer a select portion of the 2023 semi-finalist dishes this year.

In addition to the deep-fried delicacies that debuted each year as part of the Big Tex Choice Awards, our concessionaires continue to create delectable new delights for fairgoers. For a complete list of fresh foods offered at the most Texan place on Earth and where to find them, visit BigTex.com/NewFoods.

 2023 New State Fair of Texas Foods

 Butchers Block  

Located at Mac Loaded on Nimitz 

If you want ALL THE MEATS, this is the bowl for you! Start with three-cheese macaroni and cheese, then pile on the good stuff! They top it with 15-hour smoked brisket, crispy fried chicken, candied bacon bits, jalapeño peppers, and a piece of sausage on the side. They then drizzle the macaroni with a brown sugar chipotle sauce that adds a bit of sweetness and spice! It is the ULTIMATE CARNIVORE bowl!


Located at Mac Loaded on Nimitz

 What do you get when you combine perfectly golden deep-fried churros and the deliciousness of cookies and cream? You get Churreos! Mini churros deep fried to golden perfection and tossed in cinnamon and sugar, then we take it up a notch with a drizzle of chocolate syrup and cream cheese icing. Finally, to top it all off, crushed Oreos® are added as the perfect finisher for these loaded churros. It is the ultimate shareable Fair food that will satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth!

 Cornbread Sausage Bombs 

Located at both Crazy Ottos & Gulf Coast Grill Locations on Big Tex Circle and on First Ave. 

Incoming! Get ready for an explosion of smokehouse favorites in every bite. The southern-fried Cornbread Sausage Bombs are finally here. Representing the four major Texas food groups: cornbread, smoked sausage, pimento cheese, and jalapeño. Pecan-smoked Texas sausage slices are topped with a heaping portion of pimento cheese and a slice of jalapeño, then dipped in a fluffy cornbread batter. These savory treats are fried golden brown and served with jalapeño ranch dipping sauce. This Texas flavor explosion will leave you shell-shocked!

 Cotton Candyrita  

Located at Stiffler’s Mom’s Cookie Factory & Newport’s on the Funway 

State Fair icon meets Texas legend. Did you even go to the Fair if you didn’t have some iconic cotton candy? Equally, who doesn’t love the legendary Texas margarita? They have perfected this duo in this instant classic beverage. They start with a cotton candy-pink sugar-rimmed cup with perfect ice. A cotton candy-infused margarita is added and topped off with a dollop of fresh cotton candy. Cheers!

Creole Etouffee Beignets

Located at Gulf Coast Grill on First Ave. 

From seasoned vendor the Garza family, the Chismosa is a new twist on a beloved brunch classic: the mimosa. With a name that translates to “nosy person,” this drink is inspired by brunch-goers’ favorite pastime—catching up on all the latest gossip! This frozen mimosa combines champagne and orange juice with a chamoy and Tajín rim, giving fairgoers delicious fruity flavor with a little bit of a kick. To get your brunch on, follow the sounds of popping champagne bottles to Nimitz, where Garza’s Ranchero Fajitas stand is ready to satisfy all your bubbly needs!

Deep Fried Birria Bomb

Located at Tony’s Taco Shop in the Tower Building and in the Centennial Building

This culinary fusion combines the traditional flavors of Mexican birria and South American papa rellena, resulting in a flavorful and innovative snack for any occasion. They stuff the Birria bombs with birria, Oaxaca cheese, and home-style mashed potatoes. Then, they roll it into a ball of perfection, dip it in a special batter, and deep-fried until it reaches a golden brown. Lastly, they top it with fire-roasted poblano ranch dressing and fresh cilantro, which pairs perfectly with this family consommé recipe. The result is a savory snack that will delight your taste buds with each bite; it will have you singing, “You dropped a bomb on me, baby!”

Deep-Fried Candy Pecan Bacon Bread Pudding 

Located at both Magnolia Beer Garden and The Cajun Cowboy on First Ave. 

This recipe begins with making the perfect bread pudding, a marriage of French bread and an ideal custard recipe. After it cools, it’s cut into bite-size morsels. They then place the bread pudding in the fryer, which caramelizes the edges, turning golden brown with a rich and creamy center. They toss the bread pudding in a perfect blend of cinnamon sugar and candy pecans, which find their home nestled next to crispy chopped bacon. They top it with a New Orleans praline sauce that perfectly combines these sweet and savory flavors. Lastly, they add a touch of salted caramel bourbon sauce that creates an explosion of taste, which makes you wish the State Fair of Texas was year-round!

Deep Fried Honey Butter Brisket Swirls 

Located at Smokey John’s Bar-B-Que & Home Cooking in Cotton Bowl Plaza 

In the spirit of Little Debbie® Pecan Spinwheeels and homemade cinnamon rolls, the Deep Fried Honey Butter Brisket Swirls are a delightful treat with a Texas twist. It’s a buttery, flakey dough layered with 16-hour, slow-smoked, chopped brisket, then rolled and cut into swirls of smokey goodness. Deep fried and glazed with secret honey butter sauce, these crispy, sweet, fluffy swirls will surely make you smile.

Deep Fried Surf & Turf Empanada 

Located at Dickel’s Smokehouse on First Ave. 

This famous street cuisine throughout Latin America and Spain is a modern dining palette’s dream. The unique and authentic flavor profile of the Deep Fried Surf & Turf Empanada combines succulent pulled lobster and crab meat, Palacio Chorizo, sweet corn, heavy cream, cilantro, paprika, and a splash of lime juice wrapped in a traditional corn masa pastry. Deep fried to golden perfection, they will serve the empanada with garlic aioli infused with avocado oil.

Deep Fried Sushi Bombs 

Located at Gourmet Royale in the Tower Building food court and on Nimitz near the Livestock Birthing Barn 

You will not be disappointed with this BIG Texas twist on sushi bake with BIG flavor to match. They generously top the sushi rice with imitation crab meat and perfectly seasoned salmon for a quick bake. The sushi bake is then rolled in panko breadcrumbs, deep-fried until golden brown, and served with seaweed and Yum Yum dipping sauce.

Deep Fried Texas Oatmeal Pie 

Located at Big Al’s Grill in Big Tex Circle  

That’s right; your favorite childhood treat just got even better! They dip an oatmeal cream pie into sweet and fluffy Dr. Pepper® flavored pancake batter and fry until golden brown. That’s not all; they drizzle it with Big Red® Soda reduction, cover it with marshmallow sauce, and dust it with powdered sugar. When ready, it’s the softest, melt-in-your-mouth oatmeal cream pie with the chewy and creamy center you know and love. It is a dessert lover’s dream with a kicked-up Texas-inspired flavor explosion!

Deep Fried Vietnamese Coffee 

Located at Eat Crispies on the Midway  

We are calling all coffee lovers! Prepare to be enchanted by the allure of Vietnamese coffee! Meticulously slow-brewed coffee-infused cake that will ignite your energy levels and your sweet tooth. They roll the cake into a ball, battered and deep-fried Texas-style! Finishing this off, they dust it with powdered sugar and serve it with velvety condensed milk. Say goodbye to your mundane cup of joe and join us at the State Fair of Texas for an experience that will leave you begging for another bite.

Fried Fireball® Shot

Located at the “Pizza & Nachos” on Cotton Bowl Plaza 

The fluffy, airy, melt-in-your-mouth sweetness of angel food cake meets the red-hot and fiery cinnamon flavor of Fireball® Cinnamon malt liquor. After deep frying to a perfect golden brown, Fireball® Cinnamon is poured over the top and into a shot glass. You no longer have to choose between the angel or devil on your shoulder when you shoot back the Fried Fireball® Shot at the excellent State Fair of Texas®!

Fried Monte Qristo 

Located at Ferris Wheelers on the Funway 

Texas BBQ’s spin on the classic specialty sandwich is a layered brisket, American cheese, smoked turkey breast with Swiss, golden fried, and dusted with powdered sugar. They serve it in a recyclable paper tray with raspberry chipotle BBQ sauce for dipping.

Fried Texas BBQ Shotgun Shells 

Located at Bluebonnet Roadhouse BBQ & Grill on Nimitz 

This cheesy, savory roll-on-a-stick is the perfect State Fair treat! Made with slow-smoked, shredded, Texas BBQ beef brisket, melted, gooey Velveeta®, and cream cheese, seasoned with Meat Church Texas Sugar Rub®, then rolled in a pasta sheet, wrapped up in hickory smoked bacon, and they roll it in jalapeño breadcrumbs. It’s a savory bomb that will be nearly impossible to put down! Take a bite and enjoy the crunchy exterior with the addictive mix of flavors inside, not to mention a kick of heat.

Monster Burrito 

Located at Benavides in the Tower Building

We are introducing the Monster Burrito – a Texas-sized tortilla filled with a savory combination of spicy jalapeño cheese, jack cheese, spiced rice, and black beans. They make this sharable new food to order with your choice of beef, chicken, or veggies. The Monster Burrito is bursting with flavor like you have never tasted before; it’s scary good!

Not’Cho Average Nachos 

Located at Ranchero Deep Fried Love on Lone Star Blvd. 

We are introducing nachos taken up a notch — Not’Cho Average Nachos. To bring this dish to life, they take a wonton wrapper and fill it to the brim with a delicious cherry or apple filling, deep fry it to crispy perfection, and sprinkle it with cinnamon sugar. Each serving is topped with whipped topping and a dusting of brownie crumbs, then garnished with slices of strawberries, fresh blueberries, and diced peaches. One more step before you dig in: They add a citrus glaze and chocolate sauce drizzle to bring this recipe to life. They add a cajeta-filled churro stick to ensure all the heavenly flavor can be soaked up and enjoyed.

 Raspberry Chipotle Jalapeño Popper Grilled Cheese 

Located at Velasquez on the Funway 

The satisfying crunch of grilled bread, the heat of roasted jalapeño pepper, and the savory richness of bacon come together in this specialty grilled cheese with a touch of sweetness and smoke. It is the Raspberry Chipotle Jalapeño Popper Grilled Cheese. Fresh jalapeños filled with cream cheese & raspberry chipotle jam are wrapped in bacon and roasted until crispy. Then, they’re sandwiched between slices of white bread and cheddar cheese and griddled until golden brown — just like mom did. It’s a new take on something iconic, with just a touch of the unexpected that’s sure to put a smile on your face.

Rest in Heavenly Peach

Located at Nevin’s near the Gateway Pavilion

This sweet treat will make you think you’ve died and gone to heaven! They grill two slices of fluffy angel food cake in rich butter oil until perfectly charred. They set the grilled slices of heaven on a cloud of light and sweet whipped cream topping. The final and most heavenly touch? A cold dollop of delicious peach pie filling on top to compliment the warm grilled cake. Charred angel food cake, sweet, whipped cream topping, peach pie goodness. May you Rest in Heavenly Peach!

Taki Ramen Tostada

Located at Trio on the Green on Coliseum Dr.

A ramen noodle cake is flash-fried, smothered with made-from-scratch savory seasoned taco meat, and topped with crispy Asian sesame seed slaw and a drizzle of garlic lime aioli. Finally, Mexican queso banco and crumbled Takis® are sprinkled on top to complete this Mexican-Asian fusion dish.

The Fruity Pebble Pickle

Located at Candy Pickle Factory in the Tower Building

They wrap a delicious, whole dill pickle in every kid’s favorite fun snack. A Fruit Roll-Up® and Fruit by the Foot ®, drizzled in sugar syrup and coated in one of the most popular cereals in the world, Fruity Pebbles®. It is then drizzled again with strawberry snow cone syrup. It’s crunchy, sweet, and delicious!

2023 New State Fair of Texas Vendors, Soft Spaces, and Food Stands

The list below was previously announced in the New Concessions press release but is included here for an all-encompassing inventory of 2023 new State Fair of Texas foods.

2023 New State Fair of Texas Vendors


Located in Cotton Bowl Plaza

This nationwide phenomenon is opening its doors at the most Texan place on Earth for the first time! Eataly has strived to connect with the Dallas community by working with local chefs and retailers since it began operations here in December 2020. Since the Fair is the largest community event in the region, it made sense for Eataly to expand its eatery onto the fairgrounds! With a menu full of authentic Italian food, Eataly wanted to create a special treat for the State Fair, a new twist on a classic: Fried Cacio e Pepe. Perfectly cooked pasta tossed with rich cacio e pepe sauce made with authentic Italian Pecorino Romano cheese and freshly ground black pepper. For a State Fair twist, it’s then deep fried to crispy perfection and topped with a sprinkle of Parmigiano Reggiano, served with a side of house-made marinara sauce. One of the most iconic Italian dishes, Fried Cacio e Pepe, gives a decadent classic a fried Fair touch.

Pound Cake Experts

Located in the Tower Building

Sandy Duncan has made it her mission to make pound cake cool again, and she’s bringing that passion to the State Fair of Texas for the first time. Founded in 2017, Pound Cake Experts has become a community staple, traveling to local fairs and events across the metroplex and frequently selling out due to popular demand. Sandy creates over 50 flavors of delicious pound cakes and brings her ten best-sellers to the Fair, including the unique Red, White, & Blue Crumble. They take a delightful medley of red velvet, blue velvet, and butter pound cake and crumble it into bite-sized bits over a bed of soft serve. Be sure to try this melt-in-your-mouth treat!


Located in the Tower Building

What do you get when combining Japanese milk bread with unique, delicious ingredients? You get a Sandoitchi sando! The brainchild of a Michelin star chef and three friends with backgrounds in fashion, Sandoitchi is a pop-up concept that travels across the country serving innovative Japanese sandwiches known as “sandos.” A brand-new food to many, Sandoitchi hopes to spread the knowledge and presence of “sandos” across the country in a big way. One of their featured items is a Strawberry Cream Sando, layered with juicy strawberries and velvety Chantilly cream nestled between clouds of pillowy Japanese milk bread that eats more like a dessert than a sandwich. Try something new and stop by Sandoitchi’s concession stand this Fair season.

Stay Cheesy

Located in the Tower Building

Since she was five years old, Cheyne Hickey has worked at her family’s legendary concession stand, Nevins, learning the ins and outs of being a restaurant vendor. In 2020, she opened her Lil Red food truck, serving gourmet sliders and fresh-cut French fries all over the metroplex. This year, she is debuting her concession stand, focusing on the classic grilled cheese and her upscale version of a crowd favorite. Her featured menu item is aptly named the Boujee Grilled Cheese. She layers it with a creamy brie spread, deli turkey, fresh arugula and green apple slices, Havarti cheese, and handmade cranberry mayo. Cheyne is excited to bring this refreshing new sandwich to the Fair this season.

2023 New State Fair of Texas Soft Spaces

Canosaur’s Cantina

Located at Leonhardt Lagoon

Even dinos need a rest from stomping around, and there’s no better place to rest than the Canosaur’s Cantina! Nestled within the Dinosaurs at the Lagoon exhibit, Canosaur’s Cantina is a prehistoric paradise where ancient creatures and delectable delights merge to create an unforgettable experience and relaxing atmosphere for fairgoers of all ages. The Cantina will have tasty food for those young and young at heart, with items ranging from tacos and quesadillas that will fill your belly to adult beverages that will quench your thirst. They will be offering drinks like La Pitfina, which is a blue wine-based drink, and La Barbie, a 24-ounce iced drink rimmed with cotton candy and cotton candy powder, Red Bull, watermelon lime soda, and vodka wine gummies.

Juicy’s Texas Tailgate

Located near the Texas Star Ferris Wheel

On any given day at the Fair, you may want to sit back, relax, and see how your favorite team is doing on the big screen, and there is no better place to watch the game than at Juicy’s Texas Tailgate! This new area was created as the ultimate sports fan destination with multiple large televisions, plenty of seating, and food options, so you can have your fill of Fair food and fun while watching the game. They will offer various foods ranging from the classic half-pound corndog to a substantial full slab of BBQ ribs! If you want a treat for you or the kiddos, they will also serve Fried Snickers, Fried Twinkies, and Fried S’mores.

Dickel’s Smokehouse

Located in Cotton Bowl Plaza

Dickel’s Smokehouse has been a staple of the Fair for many years; it is on the corner of Cotton Bowl Plaza near the Lagoon and the Dallas Children’s Aquarium. This year, it returns as a newly redesigned soft space with increased lighting. Serving slow-cooked meats that will delight fairgoers of all ages, they designed this area with a rustic charm, featuring circular bar seating options around trees. There will also be picnic tables for families to sit in the shade and try the traditional and modern BBQ from around the Lone Star State with a welcoming atmosphere that captures the essence of a conventional Texan smokehouse.

2023 New State Fair of Texas Food Stands

Borracho Nacho Bar

Located in Cotton Bowl Plaza

Step right up and get your Chicharron Loaded Nachos! Borracho Nacho Bar, an outdoor stand, will be making their State Fair debut this year. Their signature menu item is Build your Own Chicharron Nachos, which begin with fresh pork rinds fried to a golden, crispy crunch and seasoned with just the right amount of Cajun-style seasonings to ensure a mouthwatering kick. Next, add smoked beef fajita meat and top it with delectable freshly made queso. After finishing the chicharron nachos, they will cause this explosion with a whole serving of savory chopped beef barbecue. Your mouth will be celebrating this heavenly, spicy party.

The Cajun Cowboy

Located on First Ave.

If you’re looking for all things Cajun at the Fair this year, look no further than The Cajun Cowboy! This new stand’s first-ever featured menu item will be a Blooming Onion, a colossal onion battered in Cajun seasonings, deep-fried, and served with a delicious signature dipping sauce. Other menu items will include 2023 Big Tex Choice Awards Finalist Deep Fried Cheesy Crab Tater Bites, Deep Fried Boudin Balls, Deep Fried Bread Pudding, Pie Tin Shrimp, Authentic Muffaletta, and more.

East Meets West BBQ by Ferris Wheelers

Located on the Funway

East meets West at this new food stand that brings a twist on southern BBQ right to The State Fair of Texas. Brand new to the Fair, East Meets West BBQ will serve up BBQ Egg Rolls, TX Chili Potstickers, and Banana Pudding Mochi and debut their featured menu item, the Bao Bun Taco Trio. This trio brings the fluffy steamed bao bun to a meat-lovers paradise: one filled with fried chicken, another with pork belly burnt ends, and finally, a bao filled with chopped brisket. Try one, or try the whole trio!


Located on the Funway

This new food stand will go BIG at the Fair this year with its five loaded potato styles. Fryed will reinvent how you enjoy your tater tots and French fries with their 2023 debut at the State Fair of Texas. Fryed’s feature menu, the Big Texan, starts with their signature fries or crispy tater tots. They top them with Fryed’s famous hatch chili queso, Texas-smoked shredded brisket, and hickory smoked bacon pieces drizzled with their signature barbecue sauce. Along with the Big Texan, there are other styles to try, including buffalo chicken, Mexicano, and sweet potato s’mores! Fryed will also serve a gourmet third-pound cheeseburger, chicken strip baskets, and sweet potato waffle fries. All Fryed’s baskets are big enough to share so you can taste them all guilt-free!

Pineapple Dole Soft Serve®

Located at Leonhardt Lagoon

Explore the new Dinosaurs at the Lagoon exhibit and enjoy this classic sweet treat for those young and young at heart. The smooth, tropical pineapple treat is a fruit-flavored phenomenon they crave worldwide! Fans love this refreshing, creamy dessert with its unique, true-to-fruit taste.

Stiffler’s Steak Shop

Located on the Funway

This new stand is the place to visit for all the steak lovers of the Fair! Introducing Stiffler’s Steak Stop, a food stand that can turn up the heat with their Jalapeño Margarita and juicy steaks. Stiffler’s Steak Stop will feature the Steak Bowl on its new menu. The bowl is made-to-order, with mouthwatering bites of prime sirloin steak, served in a bowl with your choice of homemade rustic mashed potatoes, wine-marinated mushrooms, sautéed onions, and bell peppers. You can top it off with a zesty chimichurri sauce, their homemade Cowboy Butter Sauce, or both. Step up to the grill and have it your way! While at the booth, try their Peach Bellini or the Jalapeño Margarita for that extra kick that compliments the Steak Bowl perfectly.

Texas Sopapilla Factory

Located in Cotton Bowl Plaza

What’s Texas without a good sopapilla? New to the Fair this year is the Texas Sopapilla Factory. Their feature item is the Strawberry Shortcake Sopapillas, which provide a fun State Fair of Texas twist on the classic strawberry shortcake. These sopapillas come coated in powdered sugar and topped with all the traditional strawberry fixins and more. Other sopapilla flavors this outdoor stand will be serving include this year’s Big Tex Choice Awards winner for Most Creative, Bourbon Banana Caramel Sopapillas, along with various other flavors like Chocolate Lovers and even Cinnamon Toast Crunch™.

You can download a map on our website for all the locations of the 2023 New Foods at BigTex.com/NewFoods.

The 2023 State Fair of Texas will open on Friday, September 29, and run through Sunday, October 22. Daily admission tickets are available now at BigTex.com.