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MPISD – News

Pictured: Members of the 2020-2021 MPHS UIL Academic team 

Contact: Kelly Cowan

MPHS UIL places first at Winter Tiger Invitational

The Mount Pleasant High School UIL Academic team continued its season with its first face-to-face meeting on Friday and Saturday, February 12-13, at the Winter Tiger Invitational held on the Mount Pleasant Junior High campus. Due to COVID restrictions, the meet was smaller than in years past, with 13 schools competing in UIL academic events, six in the large school, and seven in the small school division. Overall, Mount Pleasant High School took first place at the meet. Ten teams, including Calculator Applications, Mathematics, Current Events, Spelling, Ready Writing, Literary Criticism, Social Studies, Accounting, Speech and Debate, and Journalism, all took 1st place team honors in their respective events. 

Full results include:

-Mount Pleasant High School:  1st place Sweepstakes team

-Calculator Applications: (1st place team)

10th grade: Isaac Hernandez (1st), Ethan Harbour (2nd), Clayton Brison (3rd)

12th grade: Miguel Segura (1st), Patricia Roque (2nd)

Overall: Miguel Segura (1st), Patricia Roque (2nd), Isaac Hernandez (3rd), Ethan Harbour (4th), Clayton Brison (5th)

 -Mathematics: (1st place team)

10th grade: Perla Guzman (1st), Ethan Harbour (2nd)

11th grade: Nic Chappell III (1st)

12th grade: Miguel Segura (1st)

Overall: Miguel Segura (1st), Nic Chappell III (2nd), Perla Guzman (6th)

 -Number Sense: 

10th grade: Ethan Harbour (1st), Clayton Brison (3rd)

12th grade: Miguel Segura (1st)

Overall: Miguel Segura (1st), Ethan Harbour (5th)


10th Grade: Natalie Crockett (1st), Ethan Harbour (2nd)

11th Grade: Esteban Trejo (4th)

12th Grade: Miguel Segura (5th)

-Current Events: (1st place team) Connelly Cowan (1st), Reid Pinckard (2nd), Isabella Greco (3rd), Ryan Sharp (4th), Tyler Welborn (5th) 

-Spelling: (1st place team) Sophie Greco (1st), Anna Harris (2nd), Diana Velez (4th) 

-Ready Writing:  (1st place team) Juanita Gutierrez (2nd ), MaKayla Spigner (3rd ), Norma Delgado (4th), Angelica Hernandez (5th), Briana Sanchez (6th)

-Literary Criticism: (1st place team) Reid Pinckard (1st), Kylie Hedge (4th), Taylor Hubbs (6th)

-Lincoln-Douglas Debate:  Reid Pinckard (1st), Kylie Hedge (3rd), Anthony Orellana (5th)

-Informative Extemporaneous Speaking:  Taylor Hubbs (1st)

-Persuasive Extemporaneous Speaking:  Reid Pinckard (1st), Anthony Orellana (2nd)


Madeline Tumey-Simmons (4th)

-Social Studies: (1st place team) Brock Shavers (1st), Odalys Adame (2nd), Desline Chavez (3rd), Mya Clark (4th)

-Accounting: (1st place team) Victor Diaz (1st), David Perez (4th ), Tyler Welborn (5th)

-Computer Science: David Perez (1st), Victor Diaz (2nd)

-Journalism: (1st place team)

News Writing: Kylie Hedge (1st), Megan Adams (2nd)

Editorial Writing: Madison Adams (1st), Megan Adams (2nd), Kylie Hedge (3rd), Tairelle Chong (4th), Faith Logan (5th)

Feature Writing: Kylie Hedge (1st), Madison Adams (2nd), Megan Adams (3rd), Samantha Valdez (4th)

Headlines: Megan Adams (1st), Madison Adams (2nd), Kylie Hedge (3rd), Tairelle Chong (6th)

Copy Editing: Megan Adams (1st), Taryn Thurman (3rd), Madison Adams (4th), Tyler Welborn (5th)

Gina Crouch coaches the MPHS UIL Academic teams (UIL Coordinator, Spelling, Current Events), Angie Priefert (Literary Criticism), Osias Hernandez (Math, Calculator Applications), Randy Ballard (Number Sense), Larry Russell (Science), Gabby Robbins (Ready Writing), LeAnne Blalock (Social Studies), David Clark (Accounting, Computer Applications, Computer Science), Enrique Martinez (Assistant UIL Coordinator, Speech and Debate), Tammy Thomas (Assistant UIL Coordinator), and John Whitten (Journalism).


Mt. Pleasant Junior High School

4th Six Weeks

All “A” Honor Roll


Brissia Alvarez, Alberto Avila, William Baker, Joshua Bello, Nikolas Campbell, Sebastian Cano, Brandon Carter, Valerie Cassio, Angie Castro, Julian Chancellor, Donald Cole, Judson Colley, Christian De La Rosa, Aaliyah De La Rosa, Anny Delgadillo, Pamela Dominguez, Ava Fite, Isaac Flores, Mayte Flores, Juan De Dios Gallegos, Emily Garcia, Audrey Garrett, Jamie Garrett, Raquel Garza Aguirre, Aaliyah Gholston, Anthony Gonzalez, Alessandro Greco, Jai’lyn Gutierrez, Marisol Hipolito, Jay-len Jackson, Celeste Landin, Connor Lewis, Jake Long, Jaydy Martinez, Denisse Moreno, Mallory Peel, Esmeralda Perez, Ailin Quinonez, Carmandy Rocha, Miguel Rodarte, Jr., Alondra Ruiz Lara, Alondra Santos, Mya Soto, Kortland Stovall, Kylee Strickland, Wendy Valdez, Angel Vazquez, Valeria Vega


Rachel Albin, Yoselin Amador, Katherine Ball, Elizabeth Buck, Rafael Calderon, Jr., Aneth Canales, Samuel Chappell, Jonathan Dalby, Ernest De La Rosa Cardona, Ezekiel Flores, Jose Gonzalez, Joshua Gonzalez Rios, Stephanie Guerrero, Addison Heeren, Bek Hernandez, Kelsey Howard, Heissel Jaimes, William Johnson, Kinley Lowry, Tanner Marshall, Amir Martinez, Raquel Martinez, Kevin Mendoza, Andrew Murray, Bryanna Nava, Yahaira Pina, Said Ramirez, Carlos Reyes, Leo Sambueso, Alexander Sandate, Christopher Sorto, Katelyn Tejeda, Hayden Tennison, Luke Thurman, Kristina Tidwell, Diego Ugalde, Johnathan Ventura