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MPISD – News

Members of the 2021-2022 MPHS UIL Academic team 

Contact: Kelly Cowan

MPHS UIL places first at Winter Tiger Invitational

The Mount Pleasant High School UIL Academic team continued its season on Friday and Saturday, February 11-12, at the annual Winter Tiger Invitational held on the Mount Pleasant High School campus. Six teams, including Science, Mathematics, Number Sense, Calculator, Spelling, and Journalism, all took 1st place team honors in their respective events. Overall, Mount Pleasant High School took first place in the large school division. 

Full results include:

-Mount Pleasant High School:  1st place Sweepstakes team

-Calculator Applications: (1st place team)

9th grade: Luke Thurman (1st), Christopher Sorto (2nd), Tanner Marshall (3rd)

10th grade: Nathaniel Martinez (1st), Kiara Rundles (2nd)

11th grade: Devin Castaneda (1st), Isaac Hernandez (2nd), Alan Garrett (3rd), Clayton Brison (4th), Merlin Cardona (5th), Ethan Harbour (6th)

12th grade: Nic Chappell III (1st), Sam Sloan (2nd), Jackelin Gomez (3rd), Lainy Blackstone (4th)

Overall: Devin Castaneda (1st), Isaac Hernandez (2nd), Nic Chappell III (3rd), Nathaniel Martinez (4th), Luke Thurman (5th), Alan Garrett (6th)

 -Mathematics: (1st place team)

9th grade: Luke Thurman (1st), Tanner Marshall (2nd), Christopher Sorto (3rd)

11th grade: Natalie Crockett (1st), Ethan Harbour (2nd), Perla Guzman (3rd)

12th grade: Nic Chappell III (1st)

Overall: Nic Chappell III (1st), Natalie Crockett (2nd), Ethan Harbour (3rd), Perla Guzman (4th), Luke Thurman (5th), Tanner Marshall (6th)

 -Number Sense: (1st place team)

9th grade: Luke Thurman (1st), Tanner Marshall (2nd), Christopher Sorto (3rd)

11th grade: Clayton Brison (1st), Jose Trejo (2nd)

12th grade: Nic Chappell III (1st), Lainy Blackstone (2nd)

Overall: Nic Chappell III (1st), Lainy Blackstone (2nd), Clayton Brison (3rd), Luke Thurman (4th), Tanner Marshall (5th), Jose Trejo (6th)

-Science: (1st place team)

11th grade: Ethan Harbour (1st), Natalie Crockett (2nd)

12th grade: Nic Chappell III (1st), Esteban Trejo (2nd), Johnathan Sandate (3rd)

Overall: Ethan Harbour (1st), Natalie Crockett (2nd), Nic Chappell III (3rd), Esteban Trejo (4th)

-Spelling: (1st place team) Isabel Gonzales (1st), Sophie Greco (4th), Angelina Hernandez (5th)

-Journalism: (1st place team)

News: Odalys Adame (2nd), Michelle Calderon (3rd), Idania Castanon (5th) Editorial: Michelle Calderon (3rd), Idania Castanon (4th)

Features: Odalys Adame (1st), Michelle Calderon (2nd), Idania Castanon (3rd)

Headlines: Michelle Calderon (3rd), Danna Escobar (4th), Taylor Hubbs (5th)

Copy Editing: Michelle Calderon (1st), Odalys Adame (5th), Idania Castanon (6th)

-Literary Criticism: (2nd place team) Taylor Hubbs (4th), Chelsea Maldonado (6th)

-Social Studies: (2nd place team) Luiz Olvera (2nd), Odalys Adame (4th), Angelina Hernandez (6th)

-Current Events: Taylor Hubbs (4th), Anthony Orellana (5th) 

-Ready Writing:  Makayla Spigner (3rd), Sophie Greco (4th), Yahaira Pina (6th)

-Persuasive Extemporaneous Speaking:  Anthony Orellana(2nd), Gopi Amin (3rd), Monserrat Lopez (4th), Diya Desai (5th)

-Accounting: David Perez (1st)

-Computer Apps: David Perez (1st), Jakob Carr (2nd)

The MPHS UIL Academic teams will compete again at the Sulphur Springs High School Judy Tipping UIL Invitational Meet on February 18-19 as they prepare for the district meet in March.


Mt. Pleasant High School

4th Six Weeks

All “A” Honor Roll

9th Grade

Rachel Albin, Yoselin Amador, Gopi Amin, Alan Barrientos, Aneth Canales, Zoey Cato, Alessandra Cervantes Ramirez, Samuel Chappell, Emely Chavelas, Angel Chavez, Diya Desai, Jose Gonzalez, Stephanie Guerrero, Sidney Harbour, Christorpher Jimenez, William Johnson, Nayeli Lujano, Joyce Luke, Tanner Marshall, Amir Martinez, Josue’ Martinez, Daniela Pina, Yahaira Pina, Misely Ramirez, Luisa Rodriguez, Mia Ross, Christopher Sorto, Katelyn Tejeda, Luke Thurman, Diego Ugalde, Javier Valerio Basaldua

10th Grade

Dylan Bennett, Ella Cross, Clinton DeBord, John David Freeman, Estefani Garcia, Sophie Greco, Owen Green, Abigail Gutierrez Takahashi, Angelina Hernandez, Silvia Lopez, Nathaniel Martinez, Angel Munoz, Annie Munoz, Bianca Quistian, Kiara Rundles, Orion Senence, Daniel Sunderland, Diana Vargas, Conlee Zachry, Michelle Zelaya

11th Grade

Manoa Bagsic, VanessaJane Bayna, Madison Carpenter, Natalie Crockett, Melanie De La Cruz, Lincoln Ellis, Alexandra Estrada, Perla Guzman, Ethan Harbour, Kylie Humber, Camdon Johnson, Virginia Landaverde, Alison Majors, Samantha McClenan, Dana Memije, Collin Moss, Lizeth Navarro, Anthony Orellana, Yasenia Paloblanco, Yadeline Perez Valentin, Katherine Phelan, Esmeralda Ramirez, Elijah Rider, Dulce Rivera, Chris Russell, Emily Shelton, Melissa Vasquez, Amy Vazquez, Javier Vazquez, Jack Welborn

12th Grade

Delaila Aleman, Yoana Amador, Aachal Amin, Miguel Banda, Rossy Banegas Garcia, Nevaeh Bardwell, Lainy Blackstone, Vanessa Buendia, Emma Burrows, George Burrows, Henry Chappell III, Parker Colley, Connelly Cowan, Jackelin Gomez, Luz Gonzalez, Jesus Gonzalez-Segura, Hannah Harvill, Mary Kait Heeren, Taylor Hubbs, Mackenzie Lide, Emyly Lopez, Leslie Mayo, Katherine Ochoa, Cadance Perez, Neida Perez, Emily Perez-Solis, Abril Ramirez, Holly Reese, Mona Rodarte, Guillermo Sanchez-Medina, Sam Sloan, Keller Thompson, Amiah Thornton, Esteban Trejo, Matthew Tucker, Micah Tucker, Kurion Walker, Anna Claire Wall, Dalton Woods, Yael Zavala, Filippo Zunino

MPISD students bring home medals from Region 8 Science Fair

On February 4, eleven students from four Mount Pleasant ISD campuses competed in the virtual Region VIII ESC Science and Invention Fair. Four MPISD students were awarded medals for their projects.

Ian Crockett

Ian Crockett, a 5th-grade student at Wallace Middle School, took 1st place with his project, “What’s On Your Burger?” Crockett investigated to determine which burger wrapping is the most sanitary. He swabbed each burger and observed bacteria growing over three days. He concluded that it is not the material that matters but how tightly they wrap the burger.

Tenley Marshall

Tenley Marshall, a 6th-grade student at Wallace Middle School, came in 4th place with her project, “Coloring Your Taste Buds.” Marshall investigated the effect color has on taste. She used food coloring to dye white grape juice three different colors, and her test subjects taste-tested each one and ranked them according to preference. She found that color does affect the taste in some people.

Titus Byrd

Titus Byrd, a 5th-grade student at Wallace Middle School, placed 5th with his “What a Glow” project. Byrd was curious if the glow sticks used by emergency responders were affected by the temperature outside. He tested glow sticks in various temperatures and discovered that they glow brighter in high temperatures but longer in colder temperatures.

Scottlyn Lee

Scottlyn Lee, a 4th-grade student at Annie Sims Elementary, placed 4th with her invention “Mood Matters.” Lee invented a mood collar/bridal for pets to detect their mood. The color of the mood stone changes depending on body temperature, which indicates the way pets are feeling. Her invention can help owners better understand their pets, thus creating a closer relationship.

Ivan Flores

Additional MPISD participants included Ivan Flores, a 4th grader from Brice, whose project, “Staying Frosty” researched whether a paper cup, plastic container with a lid, a glass jar, or a metal insulated cup would keep ice from melting the best;

Ulisses Mata

Corprew 4th grader, Ulisses Mata, researched five types of gum to see which would make the most giant bubble in his project “Bubble Up;”

Maria Renee Castillo

Maria Renee Castillo, a Wallace 5th grader, whose project “Nail Polish: Price Vs. Durability” sought to know if more expensive nail polishes were truly more durable by using 5 different nail polishes to paint false nails and then timing how long it took for the polish to dissolve in acetone;

Wallace 5th grader, Sherlyn Martinez, who tested seven types of bubble gum to determine which brand would blow the most giant bubble in “Blow Bubble Gum;”

Kolter Silman

Kolter Silman, a Wallace 6th grader, with his project “Is the Bear Telling the Truth?” which compared the strength of three types of toilet paper by securing two sheets of each to a cup and testing the strength by placing quarters on top;

Homero Castillo

Wallace 6th grader, Homero Castillo, who conducted an experiment to find out if birds are attracted to color by using food coloring to dye bird food various colors in his project “The Attraction of Birds to Color;”

Hayden Harvill


Hayden Harvill, a Wallace 6th grader, who compared the burn time of gasolines with different octane levels using a pressure washer in “High Octane.”

Jessica Blue and Carrie McMinn advised MPISD Science and Invention fair participants at Sims, Jamie King at Brice and Corprew, and Jennifer Stovall at Wallace.