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MPISD – News

         MPJH Outdoor Adventure students in their shelters

(Front) Seven Duffey, (back left to right) Ayden Martinez, Andraus Woods, Hector Zuniga

(Front) Jaylan Garcia, (middle left to right) Oskar Nieto, Adrian Ayala, (back left to right) Nathan Zavala, Alfredo Ramirez

(Left to right) Andrue Newman, Xzavien Howard, Trisha Easley, Luis Mata, Jose Olivares, Elijah Flanagan

(Front left to right) Landry McPeters, Andres Aguilar, Kendall McCoo, (back left to right) Hayden Harvill, Lincoln Dyke, Ales Rios, Kyen Morgan

Contact: Kelly Cowan

MPJH students build outdoor shelters

The Mount Pleasant Junior High Outdoor Adventure class has been working diligently on a practical application project that could come in handy in the real world. They put students into groups to build a shelter from things they found in the woods behind the junior high. Each group had a leader who assigned jobs to group members. The covers had several requirements. It included a solid foundation, a good structure for water runoff, a roof with leaves and pine straw to prevent leakage, at least one wall on the north side, and a floor or drainage system so they would not be sitting directly on the floor or in water.

“The project’s goal was not just to build a shelter that could get them out of the elements if they were stranded or out hunting but promote peer leadership. For example, how group members responded to peer leadership,” said MPJH Outdoor Adventure teacher Travis Buchanan.

“The biggest thing we wanted the kids to learn from the project was leadership and job responsibility from peers. The overall goal of Outdoor Adventure is to get the kids outside as much as possible and use hands-on skills for life outside.”

Outdoor Adventure is a fun and exciting co-ed physical education course.

Students are taught life-long skills by using an integrated curriculum of science, math, writing, critical thinking skills, and computer technology. The focus is on outdoor activities such as archery, orienteering, survival skills, first aid/CPR, trip planning, angling, tackle crafts, hiking, backpacking, camping, outdoor cooking, conservation, and environmental issues with certifications offered through the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) and the American Heart Association.

MPISD Gifted and Talented students present wax museums

Corprew 4th grader, Jamie Douglas, portrays Oprah Winfrey.

Corprew 4th grader, Alaric Sanchez, is Neil Armstrong.

Sims 4th grader, Sebastian Cates, impersonates Cesar Chavez.

Sims 4th grader, Annalie Mata, is Dolores Huerta.

Brice 3rd grader, Avalyn Netro, portrays Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Brice’s 3rd grader, Judah Deal, characterizes Socrates.

Visit a wax museum, and you will likely find realistic sculptures of famous people. Mount Pleasant ISD presented its wax museums at Annie Sims, E.C. Brice, and Corprew Elementary Schools on November 8 and 10, 2022. Gifted and Talented (GT) students across MPISD selected a person to portray and conducted hours of research to capture the essence of their chosen character.

Third and fourth-grade GT students had to choose a person who positively contributed to society. They then had to present their chosen person to Sims GT Coordinator Gina Landrum or Brice and Corprew GT teacher Jamie King and prove that their character had contributed something positive to the world. Across the district, GT students worked on research for about six weeks using books and the internet, meeting in GT class twice per week. Next, students had to create a display board depicting facts about their chosen person and also decorate a table with props related to their studied topic. Finally, students had to write, memorize, and deliver a speech, dressed in costume, to their peers and families.

“Researching, taking notes, determining important vs. non-important information, summarizing and putting that information in their own words, public speaking, creativity, students utilize all of these skills and more throughout preparing for the Wax Museum,” said Landrum.

“As an added bonus, students not only learn more about the positive impact that their chosen characters had on society, but they also learn the difference one person can make in our world.”

Participants included Corprew 4th grade: Piper Martin (Susan B. Anthony), Alaric Sanchez (Neil Armstrong), Evelyn Flores (Michelle Wie West), Jamie Douglas (Oprah Winfrey), Matthew Bailiff (Jesus of Nazareth), Corprew 3rd Grade: Nylah Bell (Sacagawea), Joseph Adame (Bill Gates), Jaime Gallardo (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.), Brice 4th Grade: Kolten Heeren (Lin Manuel Miranda), Natalia Portales (Rosalind Franklin), Braxton Godoy (Albert Einstein), Shane Dimon (Louis Pasteur), Brice 3rd Grade: Anna Henry (Sacagawea), Avalyn Netro (Ruth Bader Ginsberg), Judah Deal (Socrates), Josie Rodriguez (Julia Child), Connor Koder (Antoni Gaudi), Kaylyn Andrade (Jane Goodall), Sims 3rd grade: Kinlee Castro (Queen Elizabeth), Insiyah Abbas (Helen Keller), Liam Boyd (Robert Baden Powell), Sims 4th grade: Zahra Abbas (Elizabeth Blackwell), Annalie Mata (Dolores Huerta), Sebastian Cates (Cesar Chavez), Triston Lloyd Evans (Martin Luther King, Jr.), and Jake Jones (Edwin Binney).

Vivian Fowler Elementary School will present its wax museum projects in January 2023.