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North Lamar Star Athletes Recognized


(Left) North Lamar Athletic Director Aaron Emeyabbi presents Summer Andrews the Fighting Pantherette Award. (Right) North Lamar Athletic Director Aaron Emeyabbi presents Austin Exum the Fighting Panther Award.

The North Lamar Athletic Booster Club was host to a Sports Banquet on Monday, May 14, in the North Lamar High School gym. North Lamar Athletic Director Aaron Emeyabbi began by welcoming all athletes, coaches, parents, and guests.

Pantherette award winners recognized at the annual sports banquet, beginning front row left, are Desiree Fendley, Emma Stewart, Jaycie Proctor, Avery Gurley, Danielle Risinger, Reagan Richardson, Jacie McFatridge, Hannah Clark, Avery Exum, and Jaycie Hall; second row, Addison Exum, Ashley Trenchard, Melanie Hammond, Kylea Basden, Amber White, Morgan Ross, Melody Shannon, and Cydney Holbrook; and third row, Emma Fowler, Macie Pointer, Summer Andrews, Ashton Henderson, Emma Doyal, Ashlyn Reavis, McKayla Figueroa, and Bailey Fowler.

          Emeyabbi recognized the outgoing president of the North Lamar Athletic Booster Club, Kristin Fendley, for her leadership and time in helping the various athletic programs at North Lamar.  Those stepping up as booster club officers for the 2018-2019 school year are Michella Parker, president; Kristin Fendley and Liz Exum, co-vice-presidents; Elisha Preston, secretary; Shannon Stephens, treasurer; Jodie Ingram, PR-social media; and Mindy Dority, liaison. He also thanked the athletic department’s secretary, Nicole Fitzgerald, for her hard work and dedication to the coaching staff and athletes.

Panther award winners recognized by their coaches, beginning front row left, are Zack Figueroa, Dee Wilson, Hunter Moore, Jeremiah Guenther, TK Hill, Zeke Wood, Travis Coston, Austin Exum, and Kameron Smith; second row, Jackson Leonard, Jay Walters, Kishan Mistry, Seybian Holt, Cade Conway, Jeffrey Norlin-Blair, Karson Stephens, and Parker Freeman; third row, Ryan Michael, Jaxon Hevron, Gage Brown, Monty Ponder, Cody Anthony, Scott Bishop, Alec Asay, Blake Edwards, Jaden Brown, and Grant Sulsar; and back row, Matt Meredith, Kobey Emeyabbi, Keaton High, and Aaron Meredith.

Coaches of each sport recognized the outstanding athletes of the 2017-2018 school year.  Emeyabbi presented the top overall awards, the Fighting Panther and Fighting Pantherette, to North Lamar standouts who contributed to their teams, demonstrated exemplary character, and excelled in academics. The deserving recipient of the Fighting Panther Award was Austin Exum.  The Fighting Pantherette Award went to Summer Andrews.

Coach Aaron Welch was named North Lamar Coach of the Year. Helping present the award during the sports banquet are athletes Aaron Meredith, left, and Matt Meredith.

Team awards were presented to the star athletes by head coaches.  Award recipients recognized were:

SPORT                             AWARD                                      ATHLETES

Baseball                  Most Valuable Player                        Zeke Wood

Baseball                  Offensive Player of the Year             Travis Coston

Baseball                  Defensive Player of the Year             Austin Exum

Baseball                  Hustle Award                                   Jeffrey Blair

Basketball (Boys)    The Consummate Teammate            Kishan Mistry

Basketball (Boys)    Most Valuable Player                        Jay Walters, Alec Asay

Basketball (Boys)    Defensive Player of the Year             Scott Bishop

Basketball (Boys)    Rebounder of the Year                     Cody Anthony

Basketball (Girls)     Most Valuable Player                        Summer Andrews

Basketball (Girls)     Defensive Most Valuable Player        Emma Stewart

Basketball (Girls)     Offensive Most Valuable Player         McKayla Figueroa

Basketball (Girls)     Pantherette Pride Award                   Danielle Risinger

Cheerleading           Leadership Award                            Melody Shannon

Cheerleading           Best All-Around                                Avery Exum

Cross Country         Most Valuable Female Runner          Emma Fowler

Cross Country         Most Valuable Male Runner              Blake Edwards

Cross Country         Newcomer of the Year                      Addison Exum, Keaton High

Football                  Offensive Lineman of the Year          Gage Brown

Football                  Offensive Wide Receiver of the Year Seybian Holt

Football                  Offensive Most Valuable Player         Cody Anthony

Football                  Offensive Back of the Year               TK Hill

Football                  Defensive Back of the Year               Kevin Woods

Football                  Defensive Most Valuable Player        Austin Exum

Football                  Defensive Lineman of the Year         Hunter Moore

Football                  Defensive Linebacker of the Year      Dee Wilson

Football                  Most Valuable Player                        Jeremiah Guenther

Football                  Special Team Most Valuable Player   Travis Coston

Football                  Courage Award                                Jackson Leonard

Golf (Boys)             Most Valuable Player                        Jackson Nottingham

Golf (Boys)             Most Improved Player                      Matt Gibbons

Golf (Boys)             Newcomer of the Year                      Kameron Scott, Karson Stephens

Golf (Girls)              Most Valuable Player                        Morgan Ross

Overall                    Fighting Panther Award                    Austin Exum

Overall                    Fighting Pantherette Award               Summer Andrews

Powerlifting             Most Valuable Male Powerlifter         Jaxon Hevron

Powerlifting             Iron Man Award                               Hunter Moore

Powerlifting             Most Improved Powerlifter                Jaden Brown, Desiree Fendley

Powerlifting             Most Valuable Female Powerlifter     Emma Doyal

Soccer (Boys)         Most Valuable Player                        Zack Figueroa, Grant Sulsar

Soccer (Boys)         Offensive Most Valuable Player         Matt Meredith, Kshitiz Basnet

Soccer (Boys)         Defensive Most Valuable Player        Aaron Meredith

Soccer (Girls)          Most Valuable Player                        Kylea Basden

Soccer (Girls)          Offensive Most Valuable Player         Macie Pointer, Jaycie Proctor

Soccer (Girls)          Defensive Most Valuable Player        Ashton Henderson

Soccer (Girls)          Sportsmanship Award                       Avery Gurley

Softball                   Most Valuable Player                        Reagan Richardson

Softball                   Golden Glove Award                        McKayla Figueroa

Softball                   Offensive Player of the Year             Ashlyn Reavis

Softball                   Defensive Player of the Year             Summer Andrews

Softball                   Newcomer of the Year                      Jaycie Hall

Sports Medicine      Sports Medicine Trainer of the Year  Melanie Hammond

Swimming               Most Valuable Female Swimmer       Bailey Fowler

Swimming               Most Improved Male Swimmer          Parker Freeman

Swimming               Most Improved Female Swimmer      Emma Fowler

Tennis                    Co-Male Most Valuable Player          Kishan Mistry

Tennis                    Co-Male Most Valuable Player          Ryan Michael

Tennis                    Female Most Valuable Player            Cydney Holbrook

Track (Boys)           Outstanding Field Event Award         Alec Asay

Track (Boys)           Outstanding Sprinter Award              Cade Conway

Track (Boys)           Most Valuable Player                        Kobey Emeyabbi

Track (Boys)           Fighting Heart Award                        TK Hill

Track (Girls)            Most Valuable Player                        Macie Pointer

Track (Girls)            Outstanding Distance Runner           Emma Fowler

Track (Girls)            Outstanding Field Event                    Ashley Trenchard

Volleyball                Most Valuable Player                        Jacie McFatridge

Volleyball                Hitter of the Year                              Amber White

Volleyball                Setter of the Year                             Hannah Clark

Volleyball                Defensive Player of the Year             Kylea Basden, McKenzie Mitchell

Volleyball                Newcomer of the Year                      Macie Pointer