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Overton HS Principal Arrested After Paddling

Mugshot Not AvailableKETK TV News reports that according to an arrest affidavit, Rusk County Deputies charged Overton High School Principal Jeffery Darryl Hogg with assault causing bodily injury. The charge stems from a paddling administered by Hogg that left significant bruising. They sent photos of the student’s injuries to a forensic pediatrician, and the doctor stated that “physical punishment that results in injuries that last longer than 24 hours is consistent with child physical abuse.”

Statement from Overton ISD

Due to the number of comments and ongoing social media posts regarding student discipline, it seems appropriate and necessary to clarify OISD’s policy and some of the facts regarding a recent student discipline issue.

You can find the details of our board-adopted local policies, our student handbook, and the student code of conduct online. In short, parents have a choice in whether or not corporal punishment is one of the consequences available when addressing their students.

Recently, a student was assigned to one day of ISS. On the morning the student was to serve the day in ISS, the parent and student arrived and asked to speak with the principal. Rather than ISS, they preferred corporal punishment (3 swats). The parent remained present as a witness to the discipline, and the principal asked another female teacher to also serve as a witness. After each swat, the student had a choice of whether to continue. The student considered discontinuing and serving ISS instead, but twice, the parent encouraged the student to keep going and “get it over with.” The principal remained empathetic and calm throughout, checking with the student before proceeding. At no time did the parent or witnessing teacher express any concern that the swats were too harsh or overly aggressive.

While those facts may not change individual opinions of what has been so widely commented on, we hope it at least provides a more complete version of the facts and actions taken. There is never an intent to harm students; any administered consequence is to help students learn, grow, and make positive choices. OISD is dedicated to serving and nurturing our students toward academic, social, and emotional growth. OISD will look deeper into this incident and reflect on our current policies and any indicated modifications that may help us better serve our students and community.