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Deadline Extended For Paris Balloon And Music Festival T-Shirt Contest


2022 Paris Balloon and Music Festival
T-Shirt Design Contest
“Pop Art, Comic Book Style”

2022 Paris Balloon and Music Festival
T-Shirt Design Contest
“Pop Art, Comic Book Style”

Art that imitates the style of commercial printing techniques and subject matter of Comic strips by Roy Lichtenstein have examples at the bottom of the page.

The design must contain an image of a Hot Air Balloon and text that says 2022 Paris Balloon and Music Festival. It must be 100% Original Art, with a submission due date of July 31, 2022.

Design Guidelines:
Art design for screen printing differs from any other type of design. It is due primarily to the inherent limitations of the screen printing process. In
addition, the designs’ size necessitates using vector art instead of pixel-based art. Blowing up art to fit on the entire back of a t-shirt or similar garment (13″ x 18″) requires crisp and exact lines. The two ways to submit artwork are hand-drawn or digital submission.

Hand-Drawn Submission:
If chosen as the winner, we must scan the hand-drawn submissions to create the printing screen, so they are bold. It must be in black and white, with sharpie or ink only, and there can be no gradients, shadows, or color tints. The thinnest lines cannot be less than 0.25-point. The size of the artwork should be the actual size, 13″ x18.” You may submit a photo of your art, but if we choose you as the winner, we have to deliver your original for scanning to Paris Area Arts Alliance.

Digital Submission:
You must submit your work as a .eps, .ai, or .pdf file. The art must be black and white only. There can be no gradients, shadows, or color tints, and the thinnest lines cannot be less than 0.25-point, with all text converted to outline.

File Programs and Format: Clothing designs require the vector art format due to the necessity to blow up and resize artwork. Since there are a variety of vector art programs, we have chosen the industry standard; Adobe Illustrator. We run Adobe Illustrator CS2 to CS5. If we had to get every vector art program and convert different versions of each file sent, we would have more trouble opening the files than we do already. We prefer you send the files in the .ai or .eps format, .pdf is also okay. If the file is more significant than 1 Mb, it should be a zipped file.

The thinnest line can be no less than.25-point: They make screens by putting a chemical emulsion on a mesh surface. Since the screen mesh is of a specific finite size, only lines over a particular line can hold the emulsion. So you are limited to about a .25-point line for screen printing.
Text converted to outlines: Because there are thousands of fonts, and we could not have all of them installed on our computer, you need to convert all text to outlines. It will allow us to view your files as you designed them instead of having our program convert your font to one installed. If you
don’t know how to convert text to outlines, please make sure you email a copy of the font you have used. In Windows, you can copy & paste the font you used from the ‘fonts’ folder found in the control panel.

All artwork will become the property of the Paris Balloon And Music Association. The winner will receive recognition and a cash prize of $100.

If you have questions, please get in touch with Lena Spencer: at

There is no charge to submit ideas, and participants are limited to three designs per person.

Include Name, Age, School, or Business, Phone Number, and Email Address.

Submit artwork to:
by July 31, 2022

Example of comic book style art.