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Paris High School Remote Student Rates An A-Plus As A National Officer

Hannah Pardee, Vice President of Communications for Educators Rising

As a remote student, Paris High senior Hannah Pardee has closed the distance gap while serving as a national leader in Educator’s Rising, an organization for future educators.

“I think I am better than ever this year,” Pardee said. “I have more time to be well prepared for everything.”

Those responsibilities include serving as the national vice president of communications for Educator’s Rising and assisting teacher Emily Steele with the local TAFE (Texas Association of Future Educators) chapter.
“I reach out to more of the high school students,” Pardee said of her national office and its responsibilities.

Pardee and Steele will travel to Round Rock Thursday for the Texas convention, attend workshops, and facilitate the conference for its statewide members. Local TAFE members will participate virtually in speaking events and project competitions.

Wrapping up her senior year, Pardee gains professional experience from holding the national office and collaborating with two collegiate officers who serve as president and vice president of engagements.
“We have actually met up once this year over student leader duties,” Pardee said, who communicates daily with the TAFE sponsor.

Pardee did not begin high school with hopes to become a teacher as she thought of pursuing a career in psychology. “As the years went by, I realized that psychology was definitely not my calling,” Pardee said. “I fell in love with the teaching profession and everything it has to offer.”

The local TAFE club is more than just a gathering of future teachers. Steele has cultivated an environment that reflects her educational philosophy where she welcomes all students who wish to pursue their dreams.

“It (TAFE) gives them a space to be creative and to make a positive change not only in their lives and our district but also out to the community,” Steele said.

Steele has been teaching for five years at Paris High School with a desire to impact the next generation. Her program supports the Education & Training Career Path in the Public Service Cluster. The four courses associated with preparing future teachers include Principles of Education, Human Growth & Development, Instructional Practices, and Practicum in Education.

“My favorite part of my job is watching my students accomplish what they told me was impossible,” Steele said, reflecting on the changes she notices as students grow in their understanding of the profession. “It’s an honor to be in the students’ lives.”