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Paris ISD Students Shine At Academic UIL Meet

Students from Paris Junior High School – Not pictured Zahra Tapia, Lindsey Holleman Blake Tabagcora, Chloe Easton, and Karim Viveros
Students from Crockett Intermediate School – Not pictured Reed Hartman


Crockett Intermediate School and Paris Junior High School competed and captured second place in the 15AAAA Academic UIL Invitational Meet. Paris students earned 1,058 points, behind Pleasant Grove, who placed first with 1,527.5 points. Winners by event and grade level include:

Art Memory (5th grade) – Kristen Cunningham, 2nd; Clara Gibbs 3rd (6th grade) – Lori Preston, 1st; Audrey Hinkle, 2nd; Jewel Omori, 6th (7th grade)– Zaria Mitchell, 1st (tie); Ashiya Perkins, 4th; Sarai Harris, 5th; Stephanie Preston-McGrew, 6th (8th grade) – Zahra Tapia, 2nd.

Calculator Applications (6th grade) –  Ryan Macchia, 2nd; Grey Gillem, 3rd; Audrey Hinkle, 4th (7th grade) – Akshay Bacharanianda, 2nd; Eli Allen, 3rd; Arjan Khadka, 6th (8th grade) – Nolan Hamer, 4th; Nic Larue, 6th.

Chess Puzzles (5th grade) – Reed Hartman, 1st; Arshia Khadka, 2nd (6th grade) – Halsey Mattoon, 6th (7th grade) – Tyten Fitzgerald, 1st; Arjan Khadka, 3rd (8th grade) – Ember Evans, 5th.

Dictionary Skills (5th grade) – Camila Prado, 2nd; Sarah Cunningham, 6th (6th grade) – E’leeyha Smith, 3rd; Brookelyn Thompson, 6th (7th grade) – Jordan Gaines, 5th (8th grade) – Ka’Mal Washington, 4th.

Editorial Writing (6th grade) – Addison Bedford, 1st; E’leeyha Smith, 2nd; Jewel Omori, 3rd (7th grade) – Alexa Fisher, 2nd; Alexis Ketron, 5th; Piper Kyle, 6th (8th grade) – Emmi Severson, 2nd; Amy Mendoza, 3rd.

Impromptu Speaking (7th grade) – Hannah Cunningham, 5th; Jude Wear, 6th (8th grade) – Lindsey Holleman, 5th; Kyra Hickle, 6th.

Listening Skills (5th grade) – Kristen Cunningham, 3rd (6th grade) – Gaga Plata, 1st; Saniya Rose, 2nd (7th grade) – Emma Cheatwood, 1st; Hannah Cunningham, 3rd; Abigail Harper, 5th (tie) (8th grade) – Camila Hinojosa, 2nd; April Medina, 5th; Mary Jane Torres, 6th.

Maps, Graphs & Charts (5th grade) – Reed Hartman, 2nd (6th grade) – Jewel Omori, 3rd; McKenna Stuart, 4th (7th grade) – Spencer Bell, 6th (8th grade) – Clary Biard, 1st

Mathematics (6th grade) – Eden Evan, 6th (7th grade) – Eli Allen, 1st; Akshay Bacharandianda, 3rd (8th grade) – Blake Tabagcora, 5th

Modern Oratory (7th grade) – Hannah Cunningham, 1st; Alexis Ketron, 2nd (8th grade) – Lindsey Holleman, 1st.

Number Sense (5th grade) – Reed Hartman, 2nd; Kane Kozel, 4th; (6th grade) – Brookelyn Thompson, 3rd; Elia Cortes, 6th (7th grade) – Akshay Bacharandianda, 2nd; Eli Allen, 3rd; Arjan Khada, 5th (8th grade) – Ian Johnson, 2nd.

Oral Reading (6th grade) – Lily Newberry, 2nd; Ava Welch, 4th.

Ready Writing (5th grade) – Lila Severson, 1st; Brynlee Sadau, 3rd; Kamiel Jones, 5th (6th grade) – Ryan Macchia, 1st; Lily Newberry, 2nd (7th grade) – Hannah Cunningham, 1st; Saria Harris, 4th (8th grade) – Zahra Tapia, 5th; Patricia Ramirez, 6th.

Science (8th grade) – Chloe Easton, 3rd; Nolan Hamer, 4th.

Social Studies (6th grade) – Elijah McEwin, 5th (8th grade) – Karim Viveros, 3rd.

Spelling (5th grade) – Reed Hartman, 2nd; Graham Neeley, 3rd; Sarah Cunningham, 6th (6th grade) – Trace Ketron, 1st; Gage Plata, 2nd (7th grade) – Arjan Khadka, 3rd; Hannah Cunningham, 4th (8th grade) – Madison Sherwood, 1st; Dayla Gilbreath, 4th.