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Paris ISD News

Travis High School of Choice hosts Thanksgiving Feast.

Faculty and staff members of Travis High School of Choice and PASS prepared and served a feast to students, family members, and guests. Over 150 people enjoyed the 21st annual traditional Thanksgiving feast of turkey, dressing, potatoes, pie and more.


Justiss students raise funds for animal shelter supplies.

Pictured in front are Patricia Ramirez, Mary Jane Torres, Payton Dyck, Joana Ramirez, Ian Torres and Khailyn Gray. In back are Animal Control Officer Jamie White (with puppies Prince and Sparkle), Jordan Gaines, Braelon Williams, Ramon Gonzalez, Susanna Silva and Socrates teacher Tammy King.

Justiss Socrates students sold Kool-Aid pickles, and pickle pops at the Fall Festival to benefit the City of Paris Animal Shelter. The students presented cleaning supplies, bathing necessities, toys, and food to Animal Control Officer Jamie White. She brought Sparkle and Prince to meet the students and help pick up the supplies. Both puppies now have a forever home.


Paris Junior High

Paris Junior High School students combined with Crockett Intermediate School students to capture the 5th-8th grade District 14-4A Academic UIL championship on Nov. 8 and 10 in Paris. In the process, the PJH/Crockett victory snapped Atlanta’s 31-year winning streak in such competitions. Winners include: Art Memory (7th grade) – Lucy Walter, 1st; Alexis Jackson, 4th; Maya Guerrero, 6th (8th grade) – Davis Green, 1st; Chloe Payton, 3rd; Ready Writing (7th grade) – Halle Haagensen, 6th (8th grade) – Ava Lassiter, 3rd; Listening Skills (7th grade) – Shravya Singh, 3rd (8th grade) – Landree Madding, 1st; Davis Green, 2nd; Alaina White, 4th; Number Sense (7th grade) – Patrick Roland, 4th (8th grade) – Braeden Tabangcora, 2nd; Caleb Jameson, 5th; Social Studies (7th grade) – Brody Holleman, 1st (8th grade) – Naomi Walden, 4th; Davis Green, 6th; Chess Puzzle (7th grade) – Korbyn Vaughn, 1st; Lucy Walter, 3rd; Brody Holleman, 4th (8th grade) – Adam Hartman, 1st; Oral Reading (7th grade) – Johnathan Jones, 1st (8th grade) – Lindley Loughmiller, 3rd; Davis Green, 5th; Calculator Applications (7th grade) – Elise Napier, 4th; Carter Benson, 6th (8th grade) – Tekiyah Marshall, 4th; Krystal Horta, 5th; Maps, Charts, & Graphs (7th grade) – Preston Harper, 1st; Abby Perry, 2nd; Lucy Walter, 3rd (8th grade) – Adam Hartman, 1st; James Laster, 2nd; Kendra Bills, 5th; Editorial Writing (7th grade) – Sophia Hamer, 1st; Amarie Snowton, 2nd (8th grade) – Amiah Tyson, 5th; Ava Lassiter, 6th; Impromptu Speaking (7th grade) – Tait Moody, 6th (8th grade) – Amiah Tyson, 3rd; Hana Syed, 5th; Science (7th grade) – Brody Holleman, 1st (8th grade) – Adam Hartman, 2nd; Brooke Fuller, 5th; Modern Oratory (7th grade) – Brody Holleman, 2nd; Korbyn Vaughn, 5th (8th grade) – Hana Syed, 1st; Lindley Loughmiller, 3rd; Spelling (7th grade) – Shravya Singh, 1st; Johnathan Jones, 4th (8th grade) – Killian Lassetter, 3rd; Brooke Fuller, 5th; Mathematics (7th grade) – Preston Harper, 1st; Carter Benson, 5th; Patrick Roland, 6th (8th grade) – Braeden Tabangcora, 6th; Dictionary Skills (7th grade) – Jackson Alsup, 1st; Kayglen Shelton, 6th (8th grade) – Kaylie Turner, 5th.

8th Grade: Front row: James Laster, Killian Lassetter, Caleb Jameson, Braeden Tabangcora, Lindley Loughmiller, Landree Madding, Ava Lassiter, Alaina White, Hana Syed, Tekiyah Marshall Back row: Chloe Payton, Brooke Fuller, Naomi Walden, Amiah Tyson, Adam Hartman, Davis Green, Kaylie Turner, Kendra Bills, Krystal Horta

7th Grade: Front row: Maya Guerrero, Kayglen Shelton, Tait Moody, Patrick Roland, Korbyn Vaughn, Elise Napier, Halle Haagensen Middle row: Brody Holleman, Preston Harper, Jackson Alsup, Abby Perry, Lucy Walter, Shravya Singh Back row: Carter Benson, Johnathan Jones, Amarie Snowton, Alexis Jackson, Sophia Hamer


Crockett students Win UIL medals

Crockett Intermediate School combined with Paris Junior High School students to capture the 5th-8th grade District 14-4A Academic UIL championship on Nov. 8 and 10 in Paris. In the process, the PJH/Crockett victory snapped Atlanta’s 31-year winning streak in such competitions. Crockett winners include: Art Memory (5th grade) – 1st, Anna Grace Blassingame; 2nd, Nicole Octavio; 3rd, Cate Biard (6th grade) – 1st, Madeline Green; 2nd, Addison Andrew; 3rd, Stephanie Ramirez; 4th, Ava Fitzgerald; Music Memory (5th grade) – 4th, Kimariah Thomas-Yates; (6th grade) – 4th, Ethan Hundley; Ready Writing (5th grade) – 6th, Elizabeth Harper; (6th grade) – 4th, Alexandra Mendoza; 6th, Natalie De La Rosa; Listening (5th grade) 1st, Grant Frierson; 2nd, Tatiana Patt; (6th grade) – 3rd, Alexis West; Number Sense (5th grade) – 5th, Olivia Fitzgerald; 6th, Hannah Newberry; 6th, Matthew Roland; (6th grade) – 1st, Luke Delagarza; 2nd, Anderson Bunch; 6th, Caleb Allen; Social Studies (5th grade) – 2nd, Samuel Meyer; 2nd, Jake Nimmo; 3rd, Isaiah Hampton; (6th grade) 1st, Curt Fendley; 2nd, Jacob Stephens; Chess Puzzle (5th grade) – 2nd, Luke Lassiter; (6th grade) – 1st, Preston Thompson; 2nd, Isaac Wear; 3rd, Matthew Miller; Oral Reading (5th grade) – 2nd, Caleb Echols; 4th, Grant Frierson; (6th grade) – 2nd, Eli Ward; Calculator (6th grade) – 1st, Luke De La Garza; 4th, Ashton Hilliard; 5th, Preston Thompson; Maps, Charts, & Graphs (5th grade) – 2nd, Anna Grace Blassingame; 3rd, Emma Cole; 6th, Olivia Fitzgerald; (6th grade) – 3rd, Jaxon Bell; Editorial Writing (6th grade) – 2nd, Madisyn Spradlin; 3rd, Destinee Gunn; 5th, Erika Nance; Impromptu Speaking (6th grade) – 1st, Ava Fitzgerald; 2nd, Mazy Frierson; 3rd, Ethan Hundley; Modern Oratory (6th grade) – 2nd, Elijah Ward; Spelling (5th grade) – 1st, Anna Grace Blassingame; 4th, Olivia Fitzgerald; 5th, Nicole Octavio; (6th grade) – 1st, Luke De La Garza; 2nd, Preston Cross; Math (6th grade) – 1st, Preston Thompson; 3rd, Luke De La Garza;6th, Jaxon Bell; Dictionary Skills (5th grade) – 3rd, Anna Grace Blassingame; 3rd, Makenzie Besteman; (6th grade) 3rd, Dakenzi Robinson; 6th, Alexandra Mendoza.

Sixth Grade: First Row: Luke de la Garza, Anderson Bunch, Caleb Allen, Isaac Wear, Jaxon Bell, Erika Nance, Madisyn Spradlin Second Row: Jake Stephens, DaKenzi Robinson; Mazy Frierson, Alexis West, Natalie de la Rosa, Stephanie Ramirez Third Row: Curt Fendley, Ava Fitzgerald, Preston Cross, Preston Thompson, Matthew Miller, Eli Ward Fourth Row: Addison Andrew, Destinee Gunn, Alex Mendoza, Madeline Green, Ashton Hilliard, Ethan Hundley


Paris Junior High School announces Students of the Month.

Paris Junior High School announces the students of the month for November. Teachers nominate students for exhibiting exemplary behavior and then voted on by the entire faculty.

November awards were presented to (from left) eighth graders Francisco Acosta and Ava Lassiter and seventh graders Kate Hoog and Ja’Tavious Allen.

Congratulations go out to these outstanding good citizens.