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Paris Police Report For Tuesday, January 16

Xeryus Arianna Bright

Last Saturday at 9:22 pm, an officer was dispatched to a disturbance in the 800 block of S. Main St. He made contact with Xeryus Arianna Bright, 25, who was so intoxicated she could not stand. Bright lived in the complex but could not gain entry into her residence. The officer attempted to assist Bright with entering her apartment, but she did not have the correct key. Due to her highly intoxicated state and the cold temperatures precluding her being allowed to stay outside for her safety, the officer placed her under arrest for Public Intoxication. Bright began resisting arrest, jerking away from officers and throwing her weight against and away from officers to prevent handcuffing and transportation to the patrol unit. They added Resisting Arrest or Transport.

Crystal Star Cox

An officer contacted Crystal Star Cox, 35, at the scene of a disturbance Saturday afternoon at 4:13. It was in the 700 block of Bonham St. Cox’s boyfriend advised officers that Cox had assaulted him and had choked him intentionally. There was physical evidence of the assault. Cox was arrested for Assault and Family Violence by Impeding Breath and later transported to County Jail.

Evin Lee Emeyabbi

Saturday afternoon at 12:53, an officer worked a shoplifter in the 3800 block of Lamar. Allegedly, Evin Lee Emeyabbi, 48, intentionally failed to scan several items of clothing with a value of under $100.00 at the self-checkout. The suspect was arrested and charged with Theft under $100. Emeyabbi had a previous conviction for the same offense, and they enhanced the charge to a higher Class B.

Johnathan Lee Glass

Monday morning at 8:47, officers were notified of a Criminal Mischief at a Warming Center in the 3500 block of Lamar. The administrator advised, and officers observed that Johnathan Lee Glass, 29, had intentionally damaged furnishings in the restroom. Glass, alleging that he was homeless, had been staying at the shelter due to the cold weather. The facility administrator did not wish to pursue charges but wanted Glass to leave the property. Glass refused to leave, even when ordered to by the reporting officers. Glass was arrested for Criminal Trespassing and transported to Lamar County Jail.

Tristtahnya Nechel-Le Jackson

Officers responded to Paris Regional Medical Sunday at 5:12 pm regarding a disturbance. Tristahnya Nechel-Le Jackson was in a disturbance with hospital personnel, had shut the door, and would not allow hospital personnel access to a patient room. Hospital personnel wanted Jackson to be criminally trespassed from the property. As officers were dealing with a second patient at the hospital, Jackson began to interfere physically with officers by striking, grabbing, and kicking at them. As officers were attempting to restrain her, Jackson tried to take a weapon from one of the officers. They took her into custody and charged her with Criminal Trespass, interference with duties of a Public Servant, Resisting arrest or Transport, Assault of a Public Servant, and Attempting to Take Weapons from a Police Officer.

Amanda Lynn McBride

Officers contacted Amanda Lynn McBride, 41, Tuesday night at 11:00 after she was involved in a disturbance in the 300 block of W. Kaufman St. They located her in the 700 block of Bonham St, where an officer observed her in possession of methamphetamine. They charged her with Possession of a Controlled Substance.

Joseph Leslie Meadows

Saturday night at 9:51, officers worked a disturbance in which a suspect had chased a victim and threatened them with a firearm. The officers met the victim at the Lamar County Sheriff’s office, where she advised that Joseph Leslie Meadows, 41, had followed her as she was transporting co-workers home and had stopped them and pointed a rifle at them, threatening to shoot if the victim did not get in his truck. The victim had fled in her vehicle, pursued by Meadows, but had finally eluded him. Officers escorted the victim to their residence, where they observed the Meadows’ vehicle in the driveway. Meadows was in the backyard of the residence. Officers contacted Meadows, who admitted to having marijuana in the car. He was arrested and charged with Possession of Marijuana. Meadows denied possession of a weapon. Later, police found a device to “Pump up” an air rifle in Meadows’ vehicle. They found a .22 caliber air rifle matching the device thrown on top of the victim’s house in the area where Meadows was. Officers charged Meadows with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

Officers made 60 traffic stops, arrested 15 adults, and answered 340 calls for service over the weekend from January 12-16.

Captain John T. Bull