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People Drink More After Having Kids


A survey by Cameron Hughes Wine has released results from its inaugural “Wine Drinking Habits” survey. Findings include:

  • 18% of women and 9% of men say they get in the “mood” after drinking wine
  • 22% of parents say they drink more wine after having kids than they did pre-kids (18%)
  • 65% of all survey respondents say that women should not drink wine while pregnant
  • But 35% believe it’s ok to drink wine on occasion
  • 15% of Baby Boomers polled say they drink wine four or more times per week, compared to just 7% of millennials
  • 65% of all respondents say they prefer to drink their wine at home; 35% mostly drink wine at a restaurant or bar
  • 10% say they buy wine online
  • 21% say they would buy wine online if they knew more about it

Read more here.