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Pittsburg-Camp Chamber News

Greetings from the Pittsburg-Camp County Chamber of Commerce –

We are excited to announce that the Chamber is once again hosting a spectacular July 4 Celebration! Join us on July 4 at dusk at Broach Park (Loop 179) as the night sky lights up in a spectacular fireworks show. See below for more details.

In this issue:

  • July 4 Celebration at Broach Park
  • Not a Number but a Neighbor – An interview with Dr. Rodney Burrow
  • Plate it Up Pittsburg
  • Mr. Chihotche’s Summer Vacation
  • Pittsburg-Camp County Scavenger Hunt
  • Member News

A big thank you to all of our fireworks sponsors! 

Without them, this year’s show would not have been possible.

Not a Number but a Neighbor

An interview with Dr. Rodney Burrow

Dr. Rodney Burrow, Associate Director for Primary Care and Director of Medical Affairs at Titus Regional Medical Center, is a long-time resident of Camp County and has been a physician for the past 21 years. During that time, he’s seen nothing like COVID-19. “With the flu, the majority of the time, when someone is diagnosed we can often predict what will happen during the course of their illness. We can’t do that with the coronavirus. Some people have very mild symptoms, others are very sick and fighting for their life in ICU,” said Dr. Burrow. “I had a friend who was sick and ran a 102-104 degree fever for over two weeks. His two teenage sons had mild symptoms and felt better in just a few days. Most people have mild symptoms, but others decline very rapidly, especially seniors and those with other health issues,” he added.

When the virus hit the east coast, Dr. Burrow considered traveling to New York City to assist. Over the years, he’s gone to Belize, Honduras, and Guatemala, helping on medical mission trips. The coronavirus presented a different challenge. “When it broke out in New York, per reports, there wasn’t enough PPE to ensure the safety of medical professionals. My wife and I talked about it but realized that the virus would eventually hit East Texas, and I needed to be here and healthy so that I could assist our local residents,” said Dr. Burrow. As cases continue to rise in Camp and Titus Counties, clinic and hospital staff are exposed daily. “Health care professionals have a new normal. Some are living in camper trailers in their yard so that they don’t expose their family. When I get home, I strip down outside, throw my clothes in the laundry, and immediately take a shower. I don’t know when I’ll be able to relax these precautions,” he added.

Dr. Burrow noted that the coronavirus is much like a pyramid. One person can infect many others. If a test diagnoses that you have COVID-19, you need to quarantine for 14 days immediately. You can be contagious and spread the virus, even if you don’t feel sick. Yes, it will temporarily affect your freedom and quality of life, but you need to take it seriously. You don’t want to spread the virus to your family, friends, and co-workers,” said Dr. Burrow.

“This pandemic breaks my heart. People often have a false sense of security in our area. In Texas, we love our freedom and don’t want it to be taken away. But people need to be very careful right now,” said Dr. Burrow. “Our community will be safer if everyone follows the CDC guidelines. I hate wearing a mask as much as everyone else, but if you see me at B&S, I’ll have one on. I’m wearing one not for my safety but out of respect for my community and my neighbors. There’s no perfect scenario during a pandemic, but at the end of the day, I encourage you to take care of yourself but take even better care of your loved ones, your neighbors and your community.”

Plate it Up Pittsburg

While local restaurants in Pittsburg and Camp County have reopened, many people are still choosing to prepare more meals at home. Getting tired of making the same ‘ole dish? See what your neighbors are cooking up this summer!

Please share some of your family’s favorite recipes with the residents of Pittsburg and Camp County.


Mr. Chihotche’s Summer Vacation

If you like Flat Stanley, you will love Mr. Chihotche! Take a little bit of Pittsburg on vacation this summer. Doing a stay-cation this year? No problem. Show us where you and Mr. Chihotche go around town this summer. 

In addition to the Pittsburg Hot Link Restaurant coloring contest, the Chamber will also be randomly selecting photos to win a Pittsburg T-Shirt.

Let the coloring begin! We can’t wait to see where you and Mr. Chihotche go this summer.


The Chamber invites you to take part in the Summer 2020 Pittsburg-Camp County Scavenger Hunt. This hunt is for kids of all ages – from 3 to 93! Take a selfie with you and each of the items below.

Post your photos on Facebook with hashtag #ISpyPitt2020.

Weekly winners will be selected based on their selfie’s creativity, and winners will receive prizes from local businesses. We’ll share some of our favorite photos on the Chamber Facebook Page.

Week 1 Scavenger Hunt Challenge

  • A business card from a local business (even better if the owner/manager is in the photo)
  • A school
  • Someone mowing their yard
  • A stop sign
  • A blue door
  • The Coca Cola or Dr. Pepper Mural downtown
  • At the laundromat
  • Playing at a local park
  • A barn
  • Reading a book

Week 2 Scavenger Hunt Challenge

• Someone walking their dog

• A “Pitt” bumper sticker

• Mayor Abernathy’s bust (statue)

• A first responder

• Eating ice cream or peaches at Efurd Orchard

• Social distancing with friends/family

• Roll of toilet paper

• A sunrise or sunset

• Historic Pittsburg Feed & Seed Building (Anvil Brewing)

• A sunflower patch

• Your pet rock

Please be safe and practice the CDC guidelines. Questions, call the Chamber at 903.856.3442. Have fun, and enjoy the hunt!


Member News

Wow – Check this out! NTCC is offering FREE online courses that can help you grow your business during this difficult time.