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Pittsburg-Camp Chamber – News

Your Community, Your Chamber
The Inside Scoop

  • Save the Date for the Chambers 75th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee Live Virtual Awards Ceremony
  • Things to do While you are “Snowed In”
  • Cupid Contest
  • Upcoming Local Events
  • Exclusive E-reader Deal
  • Now Hiring

Save the Date

March 16, 2021, 7:00 pm

The Pittsburg Camp County Chamber’s Diamond Jubilee Virtual Awards Ceremony & Membership Meeting

We are celebrating our 75th Anniversary on March 16th during our Diamond Jubilee Virtual Awards Ceremony & Membership Meeting filmed live from Bleu Hen Crossing Events Center. If you are a Chamber Member, you will not want to miss this live event. We recognize the numerous men and women and businesses who have made significant contributions to our community.

In past years, as part of our fundraising efforts, we have sold tables to the banquet and held both silent and live auctions. This year we will not be doing that, but we ask you to please consider partnering with us as a 75th Anniversary Sponsor. Click here to download a sponsorship form from our website outlining the various sponsorship levels to choose from and the benefits you will receive with each level of sponsorship. You can mail the form to Pittsburg-Camp County Chamber of Commerce (202 Jefferson, Pittsburg, TX 75686) or drop it by our office. If you have any questions, please call me at the Chamber office at 903-856-3442. 

Lastly, instead of having an auction, we are GIVING AWAY prizes. You have to be watching the live ceremony and call in at various times throughout the 30-40 minute program to win one of the numerous awesome prizes presented.

Prizes like this 75 inch TV

Please mark your calendars now to watch our live ceremony from the comfort of your home on March 16, 2021, at 7:00 pm, and then download the sponsorship form and mail it in with your donation. More details to come as time gets closer. Stay tuned.

Since we are all stuck inside due to this historic winter storm and more snow is on the way, you might need a few suggestions of things to do to help you and the family pass the time while stuck at home. 

Plan Your Summer Vacation

What better time to get excited for your summer vacation than on a cold winter’s day? Check out warm weather websites and magazines, and plan a future getaway with friends and family while you have the downtime.

Make an Awesome Breakfast

Time to step it up from the on-the-run breakfast you usually have and make some French toast, bacon, or eggs to enjoy. Or try something different but easy, like skillet apple pancakes.


When was the last time you had a daytime nap? Relive your childhood and take an uninhibited, no alarm clock, midday nap in a cozy place.

Make Candy

Have fun experimenting with some fun and easy candy recipes that you or the whole family can participate. You can also make your candy into little gifts to give out later. (See also: Delicious Gifts You Can Bake)


Moving things around in your home can be fun and refreshing if you are into decorating. Try hanging your pictures in different places, rearranging your furniture, or dreaming up new ideas online.

Fireside Camp Out

If you have a fireplace, a wintery day is a great time to light it up. Please have a little camp-out next to it with comfy pillows, snacks, games, or a good book. It is also a great option if you are without power. (See also: Power Outage Staples)

Pajama Day in Bed

Turn your day inside into the ultimate time to do nothing but relax. Get on your most comfortable pajamas, gather some cozy blankets, and round up reading materials or watch TV, all while you do some serious lounging in bed.

Take a Luxurious Bath

Get your bubble bath going and make it extra luxurious with excellent music, candles, and perhaps a nice book or beverage. And, if you have kids, an extra fun daytime bath with plenty of toys and bubbles can be a fun change from the usual nightly routine.

 Write Letters to a Local Nursing Home

Spread a little cheer to the community members who need it most. Since most nursing homes are no longer accepting visitors, make someone’s day with a hand-written note or card. Bonus: This is a great craft project for little ones who are at home all day.

Build an Indoor Fort

It is a great one if you have kids or feel adventurous. Transform your living room into a fun fort using chairs and blankets to make a cozy hideout for the day.

Afternoon Tea

Have your tea party right at home. You can get fancy and use lovely china and put out little sandwiches and treats. It is also a fun activity you can do with the kids, substituting hot chocolate for tea if you want.

Catch Up With Family and Friends

Getting in touch with the grandparents or a long-lost friend over the phone or Skype makes for a great indoor activity and can be a lot of fun for all.

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

The ultimate rainy day lunch is excellent on any day, let alone a cold one. Indulge in an incredible grilled cheese using any cheese you love and put on a pot of some delicious tomato soup. (See also: 3 Snow-Day Recipes)

Video Game Marathon

Anyone into gaming probably doesn’t need a snow day excuse to play, but a day stuck inside provides a beautiful opportunity for a video game marathon. Or, involve the kids and do Wii competitions or learning games on your tablet or computer.

Popcorn and Movie Day

Sort of a given on any winter day, but pop up some popcorn and get comfy on the couch with your favorite movie(s).


Even if you’ve never scrapbooked before, now is a great time to make a book of the kids’ art or your accomplishments or a gift for a friend’s special occasion. (See also: 10 Gifts You Can Make With Paper)

Bake Something

Making useful old chocolate chip cookies is an entertaining winter’s day activity, as is making other delicious recipes like warm pies and fresh-baked bread. Or, try some easy winter treat recipes that the kids can help with, too.

Indoor Obstacle Course

Make an indoor obstacle course for the kids (or grownups) using pillows, toys, or other objects to burn off some energy and have fun.

Pretend Summer Day

If you desperately need to escape the harsh winter, bring summer to you. Look up tropical sites, make a fruit juice, and put on some Bob Marley. You can also get everyone in bathing suits and flip-flops and fill the tub to “go swimming.”

Catch Up on Your Shows

Another given for a cold day stuck inside, but catching up on your favorite shows that you missed during busy weeks is a fun way to pass the time. Or, indulge in some mindless daytime TV without the guilt.

Check on Your Neighbors

Making someone’s day is just a phone call away. Now, more than ever, it’s essential to check in on our neighbors—especially those who are elderly

Make Something

Get creative and make something with your hands. Crafts can be super simple, like paper crafting, to more skilled things like knitting, sewing, and jewelry making. Check out Joann’s and Michaels for some great craft projects you can do at home based on skill level. (See also: 18 Upcycled Craft Projects)

Cook a Fancy Dinner

Since there is time to enjoy cooking and eating a quality meal, why not make yourself or the family a delicious dinner? You can set the table with fancy dinnerware and make it like a restaurant for a change from the usual.


If working out is your thing, don’t despair if you can’t get to the gym or go outside. Do your mini at-home workout using weights, a program online, or a workout DVD to get that much-needed exercise. 

Brain Teasers

Games like Sudoku, crosswords, and word finds are great ways to relax and enjoy your time. Get cozy with a warm blanket and do some games from the newspaper, online, or any collections you may have.

Homemade Hot Chocolate

Make a delicious hot cocoa recipe, or vary it up by adding things like cinnamon, nutmeg, mint, or a dollop of vanilla ice cream. For diehard chocolate lovers, try a hot chocolate recipe using real chocolate pieces as well.

Mail a Letter

Spend some time writing a letter to someone special, which you can mail later on. Everyone loves to get a handwritten note, and it will be a nice surprise. (See also: Reasons to Write a Letter)

A Good Read

Curl up with a good book on the couch or by the fire while the winter weather keeps you inside.

Beauty Treatments

Give yourself a mini spa day with a variety of DIY beauty treatments. Whether it’s a nice manicure/pedicure, a relaxing scrub, or an avocado mask, it’s an excellent day to beautify and relax. 

Arrange Your Photos

A whole day indoors gives you plenty of time to go through all those photos you have taken. You can make an album online or enjoy looking through old shots.

Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning

Put all of your extra time at home to fair use. Now is the perfect time to dig through closets, cupboards—maybe even the basement—for items you no longer use. Before you load up your car, call your local thrift shop or shelter to find out if they’re accepting donations. If they’re not, you’ll have a whole bunch of supplies ready to go when life is back to normal. Check out our spring cleaning checklist here.

Play Board Games

Break out the Monopoly or other great board games you may have on hand for a game day marathon with your family or roommates. (See also: 5 Great Card and Board Games)

Dress-Up Day

It is a fantastic event for the kids to get out old Halloween costumes, dress-up gear, or sports equipment for some pretend play.

Organize Something

You may need to skip this if you view organizing as a chore, but for many who get pure satisfaction after it’s done, it’s a rewarding task when you’re not rushed. Pick a spot you have always wanted to organize, like the junk drawer, your jewelry drawer, or the laundry room closet, and go to town.

Enjoy a Hobby

Break out your knitting needles, woodworking gear, or model trains, and enjoy some time working on your favorite hobby. Check out some suggestions for new indoor hobbies if you need to find something entertaining. (See also: 10 Money-Making Hobbies)

Story Time

Another great activity for the kids is to round up some good books, get comfy together with some snacks and blankets, and do an old-fashioned storytime by reading aloud to them.

Share Recipes—Virtually!

While you can’t host a potluck at the moment, you can still post about the yummy monkey bread you made this morning with your kids. Create a Facebook group or text chat with friends, family, and neighbors where you can post recipes and photos of all the treats you’re whipping up. It is a great way to keep everyone connected.