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Scotty And Gabi’s New Home In Today’s Nashville Roundup

Celebrity Insider claims Gwen Stefani is still madly in love with Blake Shelton after three years. A source tells the website; “Gwen clams up when it comes to their marriage plans, but she’s much more candid about their amazing sex life. She can’t believe that even after three years together, the spark hasn’t faded a bit. Blake still totally rocks her world every single time. It’s not just that the physical attraction is so great. It’s also down to Blake and how thoughtful and generous he is to Gwen in every way. He goes out of his way to take care of her and make her smile. He’ll do stuff like arrange her private jet if she has to leave for work when they’re at the ranch on holiday. Gwen could do it herself. She can more than afford to pay for it. But just the fact that Blake steps in and handles it for her to make her life a little easier speaks to her. It makes her feels cherished by him like he’s the man taking care of her and that’s a huge turn on for her. She loves that he’s such a man.”

Hollywoodlife.com claims Gretchen Wilson was arrested earlier this week for causing a disturbance on a plane because she allegedly got into a shoving match with a fellow first-class passenger over a bathroom.

Scotty McCreery tells Pop Culture Country that he and his new wife, Gabi, are moving into their new home. “I’m still in North Carolina and Nashville. I’ve still got my place here, and we bought a place in North Carolina that we’re kind of moving into right now. We pretty much have it all settled in. I haven’t gotten my studio yet. It’s currently our junk room that we can close the door and hide and pretend it’s not there, but we need to clean that out. And then when we do I’ll make a studio room. Other than that we’re pretty much, we’re in there.”

Matthew Ramsey of Old Dominion tells the Los Angeles Times that the members of the band are brutally honest which each other. “You have to be brutally honest. Everybody is after the same goal. Everyone wants the same thing in this band, so we definitely respect each other. I mean, all of us have had hit songs so it’s a band full of people who really know what they’re talking about so you have to respect that even when you think something you have might be great and they go ‘Man, it’s not as great as you think it is.’ You definitely have to take that into consideration.”

Jason Aldean tells the website Deer And Deer Hunting that his perfect day outdoors would be spent in a tree. “To me, my perfect day spent outdoors would probably be during the fall during deer season, a day when it’s not freezing cold outside but it’s not too warm, either. Probably somewhere mid-40s or 50 degrees where deer are moving around a bit, and honestly, just sitting in a treestand kinda having some peace and quiet.”

The E! News Network claims Sam Hunt has shaved his head and beard.

Faith Hill is going to perform at Aretha Franklin’s funeral next week.

Sounds like Nashville claims Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley recently pranked Darius Rucker with a fake snake. The two were golfing in Phoenix when Charles laid the snake near Darius’s bag. Darius saw the snake and jumped before running off.

Carrie Underwood tells the Tennessean that she thinks her son Isaiah is going to be a good big brother to her unborn baby. “I think he’ll be a really good big brother. I think he’ll be helpful.”