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Season Of Elements Continues With “The Hobbit” At PJC

Dwarves celebrate in the background as their leader Thorin Oakenshield (Frederic Doss) prevails over The Great Goblin (Ingeborg Hodge) in this rehearsal of a scene from “The Hobbit,”
As part of the 2018-2019 theme of a “Season of Elements,” the Paris Junior College Department of Drama opens “The Hobbit” on Thursday, Feb. 28, representing the element of Earth.
“This production is suitable for all ages,” said PJC drama instructor and play director Robyn Huizinga, “and we hope many families, young people, and the young at heart come to enjoy ‘The Hobbit’ together.”
In the play, Bilbo Baggins, one of the most conservative of all Hobbits, is asked by Gandalf the Wandering Wizard to join a group of dwarves led by Thorin Oakenshield and leave his large, roomy and very dry home in the ground in order to set off as chief burglar in an attempt to recover an important treasure.
Along the way, the group encounters trolls, goblins, elves, and the most frightening of all dragons, Smaug. Heading off on this tremendous adventure is the last thing that any sensible hobbit would want to do, but great benefit eventually results, not only for Bilbo but for all those inhabitants of Middle Earth, and the hearts of those children and adults who continue to enjoy this kind of magic.
“The Hobbit” cast includes Bethany Matcham as the hobbit Bilbo Baggins; William L. Walker as the wizard Gandalf; Frederic Doss as Dwarf Leader Thorin Oakenshield; Dwarves are Eric Turner as Dwalin, Emelie DeKnight as Balin, Lucas Rolf as Kili, Jimmie Sanders as Fili, Brenna Mills as Dori, Savanna James as Dori, Heather Bright as Ori, Annabel Doss as Oin, Kathleen Hays as Gloin, Amber Nelms as Bofur, and Carlton Bell as Bombur;  Morgan Butler as grocery boy and hobbit lad; Trolls are Jonathan Robinson as Bert, Lisa Martin as Essie, and Chaston Tomlin as Tom; Goblins are Ingeborg Hodge as The Great Goblin and William A. Wohlford as the Attendant Goblin;  Candace Weist and Raden Phillips as Gollum; Grace Marie Hignight as The Elven Queen; Jayla Oldfield and Molly Law as Elf Guards; Chaston Tomlin as Smaug the Dragon; and Ensemble (hobbits, goblins, elves, etc.) are Jayden Kent, Sarea Pretre, Emilee Stowell, Ella Doss, Dr. Pamela Anglin, Heather Collins, and all actors except Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf, and Dwarves.
The production team includes Robyn R. Huizinga, Director; William Walker, Combat Design; Gisselle Benitez, Stage Manager; Cameron Faires, Assistant Stage Manager; Amber Nelms, Fight Captain and Weapons Master; Andrea Doss, Scenic Design and Charge Artist; Huizinga and Walker, Set Design and Sound Design; Theater Practicum classes, Set Construction; Hannah England, Benitez, Huizinga, and Walker, Light Design; England, Light Board Operator; Udanti Rendsland, Sound Board Operator; Cody Chavers, Alexzander Sinclair, Backstage Crew; and Chasidy Trantham, Zachary Baird, House Crew.
The play is at 7:30 p.m., Feb. 28 through March 2, and at 2:30 p.m. on March 3 on the Duane Allen Stage in PJC’s Ray E. Karrer Theater.
Tickets are $15 general admission, $10 for those under 18, $5 with the donation of a new children’s book for local charities, and free for those with current PJC ID. Reservations can be made by e-mail at Any unclaimed reservations will be released to patrons on the waitlist beginning at 15 minutes prior to curtain.