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Security Camera Records Burglars Failing To Steal Dog Poop


A doggy daycare business in Alberta shared security camera footage of a bizarre burglary attempt by two hapless suspects. The video filmed by security cameras at Central Bark in Winnipeg shows the two men drive up to the business in a van. One of them grabs a large plastic garbage can with the apparent intention of trying to load it into the back of the van. The man appears to get spooked and jumps back into the driver’s seat as his cohort runs toward the van with a broken sign. The second man attempts to get back into the van, but the driver pulls out too quickly and ends up taking out the other man with the open passenger-side door. The van drives off without the second suspect, who flees the scene on foot. Workers at the business said the men were better off not stealing the garbage can, as it was full of dog poop.