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SJP Talks About Her New Wine In Today’s Hollywood Gossip Report

People magazine recently asked Oprah to name her final meal. She said, “Pasta. If we’re going to choose my last week, they would all be pasta. I love a thing all thrown together in a skillet. It’s part of the life that I grew up with. When I grew up, the tuna casserole was one of my favorite things in the world because you get all the stuff mixed together. And I’m one of those people who love to mix all of my food together.”

People magazine says United Airlines is trying to match Bachelorette stars Hannah B and Tyler Cameron. 

They tweeted, “Hey @TylerJCameron3, we heard you have an important date coming up. Need a ride? CC: @AlabamaHannah #BacheloretteFinale”

United released a statement saying, “We’re rooting for Hannah and we thought what better way to help than by offering to get Tyler to her for their date. Our tweet to Tyler is one of our most-liked tweets of this year and we thank Bachelor Nation for the support.”

The Internet got mad and reacted,

“Love that you’re keeping tabs on the Bachelorette yet it’ll take 21 business days for you to reply to my email. Seems like your priorities are in order”

“Oh, that’s rich @united coming from the airline that has held my husband captive on his #flight1579 for HOURS with NOTHING TO OFFER ANY OF THE PASSENGERS INCLUDING BABIES!”

The Sun claims Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt recently went to the opera together at the Hollywood Bowl. A source tells the newspaper,  “They have been busy juggling work with tricky family situations this year, and finally they have some time to themselves to hang out and be there for each other. Both Brads had the best night being away from the normal Hollywood crowd, but they still stopped to talk to a few industry friends in the audience. They were sipping sparkling water and chatting. They can’t go out partying like they used to back in the day because they’ve quit boozing, so they chose a venue where they could stay out of trouble and relax. They won’t be out chatting up women any time soon, but they are both single for the first time in over a decade. They’ll be good wingmen for each other when the time is right.”

OK! magazine says Irina Shayk is looking to date a man, who is a complete opposite of her ex-partner, Bradley Cooper. A source tells the magazine, “She has vowed to get with someone rugged and ultra-masculine. She’s been out with a few hunky guys already and is planning to fill her calendar with hot dates. It would give her a real kick to parade a bunch of gorgeous, famous men – plus some mysterious ones – in front of Bradley, just to show him she’s not sitting around feeling sorry for herself. She’s really excited at the idea of playing the field and knows she can get any man she wants.”

US Weekly Magazine says Prince Harry loves singing lullabies to his son, Archie. A source tells the magazine, “Harry’s tone-deaf, and he knows it, but that doesn’t stop him from singing Archie to sleep. He’s the kind of dad who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty.”

People magazine says Lady Gaga’s new boyfriend, Dan Horton, has taken her mind off her breakup to Christian Carino and her rumored romance with Bradley Cooper.

A source tells the magazine, “All the attention for the movie and her split from Christian was a bit much. She escaped to Mexico with friends twice just to get out of L.A. She seemed tired and a bit gloomy. She wanted to focus on work, but [didn’t] want to deal with any attention that was related to Bradley Cooper. You could tell that she was so sick of the romance rumors. She seems very involved and excited. Although she has been very busy, lately she seems happier.”

Contact Music says Hobbs & Shaw star Idris Elba was recently performing in a play in London when he helped a woman, who was having a seizure.

The Epilepsy Society recognized his heroic actions and posted, ”We do not know whether Idris has any previous experience of how to deal with a seizure but his actions showed that he was certainly confident in coming to the assistance of Amanda … Idris’s quick thinking shows how a little knowledge and consideration can make a huge difference to anyone having a seizure. None of us know when we might need to rely on others for help in a health crisis. We all owe it to each other to ensure we have basic first aid techniques to help people in the event of an emergency such as a seizure. Well done Idris. And thank you. You really are a #seizuresavvy superhero.”

Newser says Lisa Marie Presley is being paid $4 million to write a tell-all book about her father and her two-year marriage to Michael Jackson. The couple was married from 1994 to 1996. No word on a release date.

The Drinks Business website says Sarah Jessica Parker’s new wine, Invivo X, will go on sale on September 18th. The New Zealand sauvignon blanc has a giant X on its label. A rosé from Southern France will be released next spring