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Stapleton’s Authenticity In Today’s Nashville Roundup

Chris Stapleton tells NPR that people connect with his music because it feels authentic. “I can’t really speak to why people like what we do. Hopefully, they know what we do is authentically us, and that goes over no matter what kind of music you’re playing. People will kind of hear that and connect with that in ways they wouldn’t if you were trying to be something that you think might be popular; I think that’s always a mistake in music, maybe even in life. Do something ’cause it’s in your heart, do something ’cause it’s what you’re supposed to be doing.”

Luke Combs tells Entertainment Focus that touring has taught him that he needs to be a better planner. “Planning more time for yourself I think is a really important thing. The shows have all been great – the crowds have been great and that’s there for us right now, but I think the thing that none of us have is that peace of mind where it’s like, ‘we’re gonna get a little bit of time to take our foot off the gas and relax’. Because you do all these things and go to all these great places, but you don’t get to see or do anything while you’re there. You just see the green room or whatever it is, you just see venue after venue. You have no time to explore places. I’d love to be able to bring the guys’ wives and girlfriends out, but you just can’t do that right now.”

Carrie Underwood tells People magazine that it’s not easy being on tour when you have a new baby to take care of. “It’s definitely a balancing act. I have help because someone has to watch Isaiah when I’m on stage, but we live a lot more on the bus now instead of going in and out of hotels”

Riley Green tells Billboard magazine that he’s going to play music until he’s old and gray. “If there’s somewhere I can go play, I’m going to do that until I’ve got a gray ponytail and I just can’t do it anymore.”

Brett Young tells the Las Vegas Sun that he became friends with pop star Gavin DeGraw because he loved his music. ”It started with me being the ultimate fangirl. When I found his first record in 2003, for the next 12 months I went to 13 shows. I traveled as far as Hawaii. I was in a place where baseball had been taken off the table for me and I fell into music really hard. His songwriting made me think I wanted to write songs and I followed him around for inspiration and just to feel something, because music had always done that for me. We happened to run into each other after a few shows and became buddies.”

Kelsea Ballerini tells The Independent that she is a huge Kelly Clarkson fan.“Kelly is incredibly normal. I can’t be in a room with her because I’m too much of a fangirl, but I remember I went to her show when I was 14. The air conditioning was out and it was boiling. She was on stage, sounding incredible, she finishes a song and goes: ‘Woo! If y’all could smell me right now, you wouldn’t be here.’ And I was like, ‘she’s a person!’ Often there’s this disconnect when someone’s on stage, and at that moment with Kelly, she was right there with the fans.”