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Stapleton’s Travelling Kids In Today’s Nashville Roundup

Riley Green tells Digital Journal that ‘There Was This Girl’ is a favorite of his. “It is certainly an upbeat, Brooks & Dunn type of country song, and I like that style, so it definitely stands out to me.”

Luke Combs tells The Shotgun Seat that his parents wouldn’t have allowed him to come home if country music didn’t work out. “A lot of people told me that moving to Nashville was the biggest risk, but I think I took the risk on the front end, I kind of front-loaded the risk. My parents were like, ‘Yeah, go for it, but you’re not coming home; if it doesn’t work out, you better enjoy being homeless!'”

Chris Stapleton tells Billboard magazine that his children know more about traveling than he does. “They’re better on the road than I am. We home-school and they’ve been to — I don’t know how many presidential museums and national monuments, Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone. They get to see this stuff that I only got to read about. I know there will a point when they’re teenagers or pre-teenagers where they go, “If I have to get on that bus one more time I’m going to kill my dad,” but we’ll figure all that out when it’s time. Hopefully, it will make them well-rounded human beings eventually.”

Brett Young tells People magazine that he and his wife are hoping to have children soon. “Starting that next chapter in our lives — kids, starting our own family — and being able to experience that together is what really makes me the most excited. We do want kids soon, and that changes things.”

Carrie Underwood tells NBC that she takes on a different persona when she sings. “When I’m singing a song, it’s like I’m in the music, and I’m right there living it, and then right as the song ends, I’m like, ‘Oh man, I’m just Carrie again.’ It’s like the magic ends somehow and I turn into a pumpkin in front of everybody. I’m not a center-of-attention kind of person.”

Old Dominion’s Matthew Ramsey tells that he judges the popularity of their songs by the way people react to them during a concert. “We do look to see of our songs are moving up the charts. But that’s just looking at a computer screen and words. That’s great, but it doesn’t really give you that direct feedback like the crowds does. You don’t really get the sense until we’re on the stage and I say, “This song is called ‘Break Up with Him’” and suddenly there’s this roar of people and phones come out. That’s really the best indicator for us.”