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Statement From Sulphur Springs ISD On Bomb Threat To The Elementary School

Wednesday morning, during drop-off time, Sulphur Springs Elementary School (SSES) received a call stating there was a bomb in the building. Our staff quickly initiated their evacuation protocol and began getting students and staff out of the building. Students were then safely escorted across the street to League Street Church of Christ.

Officers from Sulphur Springs ISD Police, Sulphur Springs Police Department, Sheriff’s office, DPS, and firemen from Sulphur Springs Fire Department answered the call and came with sirens and lights to make sure our students were safe. The building was checked two times by our first responders and additionally by a K9 unit from the ATF.

SSES students were sent home for the remainder of the day due to the time needed to ensure the building was safe.

SSISD would like to thank a few groups for their help in turning a scary situation into a good outcome.

Thank you to each department that sent officers, firefighters, and EMS to our campus and the church. They ensured that students were safe, which is always our top priority. Within minutes of the 1st call, we had multiple officers at SSES, and more and more kept coming.

Our teachers, principals, aides, and staff worked to get students out of the building and to safety. Then they helped organize the students and began reunifying them with their parents/guardians. Our students were so calm and waited patiently. It is a testament to our staff and how they handled a stressful situation calmly and efficiently.

Thank you to our parents & guardians for your patience and understanding. We know in stressful times, it is easy to become upset or angry when you have to wait to pick up your child on a day like today, but everyone handled the situation well. Today, we had 100% of our students safely picked up from the church and admin building.

League Street Church of Christ offered our students and staff a safe meeting place. They opened their doors, bathrooms, and parking lot and worked to make everyone feel safe and welcome. Thank you for your kindness and generosity!

District admin & staff: thank you for helping to coordinate and support the campus today. I can’t tell you how often I was asked, “what do you need help with” or told, “whatever you need,” today. That is what it means to be part of the SSISD family.

The investigation is still ongoing for who made the call today.
Classes will resume Thursday as scheduled.