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Meet the DR: Ivy Lee – EastTexasRadio.com

Meet the DR: Ivy Lee

Meet the DJ: Ivy Lee

Ivy Lee…born in California, raised in Southwest Oklahoma, travelled
the world as a kid with her dad “hunting mud,” (extra points to the
people who know what movie that line is from). In 1998, she walked in
the wrong door in a strip mall in Virginia and somehow ending up working
in radio—but always with the goal to be back home in Oklahoma after
her four meerkats (a great story—ask her why she calls her kids that
sometime) left the burrow.

When that happened in June of 2019—she headed west, soon realizing
that Central Oklahoma was WAAAAYYYY windier than she remembered. She
went out for a run with her towel (more points, anyone?) and got blown
here, showing up bedraggled on our doorstep with these really sad eyes.
We gave her a saucer of milk and she stayed. We later found out she’s
slightly lactose intolerant, but we let her stay anyway. Just don't give
her ice cream if you see her out and about.