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Meet the DJ: Norm Allen – EastTexasRadio.com

Meet the DJ: Norm Allen

Meet the DJ: Norm Allen

norm allen dj

Norm Allen has sung a lot of songs in his day, starting out as a young boy in a farming community in East Texas in front of a little church audience at 6 years old. His mother’s love for music was instilled in him as they stood together listening to Ray Charles’ records, and of course Elvis, at the kitchen sink as she washed the supper dishes.

He was further influenced by his grandmother who used to stop by on the weekends to take him to “all day signing’s and dinner on the ground” events giving him an exposure to Southern Gospel quartets and harmonies, all the time unknowingly training him to develop a sense of hearing that would serve well to identify his natural talent to sing. The high school band was the first formal training in music, as a drummer, but his real love was vocalizing. Picking up the guitar at 15 years old, it was a slow start since he is left-handed and had to learn the basics of the instrument on a right-handed guitar. The teenage years of the 60’s and the music of that era, was his school.

By 1978, after a stint in India as a Peace Corps Volunteer, going through college as a minister, and singing in countless youth groups and churches, Norm took a leap of confidence, by deciding that music would be his profession. His first full-time gig was on a circuit for Chelsea Street Pubs, based in Austin, Texas, that took him on a tour that lasted 7 years, playing 6 nights per week, 2 weeks in each city, from Gainesville, Florida to Tucson, Arizona and most places in between. In 1987, Norm became the headliner in a resort hotel on the Outer Banks of North Carolina as well as a daytime radio personality, recording studio owner, and promotions man. ’88-’91 He played in Nashville, Panama City, Alexandria, Virginia and he and his wife Nancy ended up in Southern California in a very successful entrepreneurial.

It was an accident that would change the career direction for Norm Allen, as the call came in one late Thursday to fill in as host for the “Live at Nine” television show in Sanford, North Carolina. With over 30 years of performing as a national singing act, as a radio show personality, and becoming a film director, documentary producer, on air television personality, Norm is still without creative boundaries.

Norm has recently relocated back to the area he grew up and is working as the D.J. for Star 95.9.

If you want to read more details or check out his website go to outofthenorm.tv/about.html