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Student Strengths And Interests Include Reading To Children At Stone Middle School

Stone Middle School students in the ‘Reading to Children’ JUMP group put their strengths and interests to use by reading to children at Higgins Elementary. The middle school readers beginning front are Avery Scott, Madelin Tigue, Shalea Brooks (back) and Macy Howard. The Pre-K students from Betsy Bolton’s class are Ben Kreais, Isaac Cook and Jackson Farmer.

Something for everyone in the Stone Middle School JUMP groups

Students in the ‘Reading to Children’ JUMP group at Stone Middle School used their time Wednesday to read to the ECC Pre-Kindergarten class at Higgins Elementary.  The group of sixteen, facilitated by Sharon Routon, will alternate reading at Higgins and Everett Elementary this semester.

          During the fall semester, the middle school students will be meeting with their particular JUMP (Journey to Unlocking My Potential) group.  The ‘enrichment clusters’ focus on student strengths and interests by interacting with other students and adults who share common strengths, goals, and interests.

          Each student at Stone has chosen to be part of one JUMP group this semester and will have an opportunity to join a different one in the spring.  Other groups include Puzzles, Skateboarding, Community Service, Roping, Food Critic, Miniature Golf, Medical, Yoga, Drawing, Cooking, Card Games, Movie Critic, Deer Blind Construction, Book Club, Art Projects, Animal Health, Bowling, Drumming, Color Guard, Legos, News Casting, Job Shadowing, Livestock Management, Travel, Weight Lifting, Nature Exploring, CSI, Board Games, Wedding Planning, Construction, Drama, Healthy Eating, and Soccer.