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Sulphur Springs All-Sports Banquet Being Replaced

Sulphur Springs Wildcat Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Greg Owens announced in a letter Tuesday that the annual All-Sports Banquet will become a thing of the past. Because of all the honors and awards in all sports, each sport will have its own banquet and awards ceremony. How to award the Cameron Fighting Heart Award and Forrest Gregg MVP is still under discussion.

Letter Posted by SSISD Athletic Director Greg Owens

The all-sports banquet has been an annual tradition in Sulphur Springs for many years. As with many things, however, we need to take a look at why we do things and decide if they are still working. With the growth of our program and the many successes that we achieve, the banquet has become extremely long. In our attempt to shorten the program, we have become rushed and feel unable to recognize each of our athletes and their accomplishments in a way that we feel they deserve. Even then, many people leave after their sport has been recognized instead of staying until the end.

After much discussion and deliberation among all of our head coaches, we have decided to cancel the annual all-sports banquet in favor of individual gatherings, at each coaches discretion, to honor the athletes of their sport and their season. Several of our teams have already been meeting at separate times for more meaningful and personal time together the past few years and report that the athletes and families seem to really enjoy that format.

This is not a flippant decision or one that much discussion and thought have not gone into and we are still working out the details on how to announce the James Cameron Fighting Heart and Forrest Gregg MVP awards.

Thank you for your understanding.

Greg Owens

Athletic Director / Head Football

Sulphur Springs ISD