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Sulphur Springs City Manager Report To The Council




TO:                 CITY COUNCIL


FROM:           CITY MANAGER, MARC MAXWELL SUBJ:                        MANAGER’S REPORT


PACIFIC PARK DRAINAGE PROJECT – This project is progressing well. This project is finished. The barricades will remain in place until Friday so that the concrete will cure a bit more before we subject it to traffic. Allowing traffic on the concrete before it has had sufficient time to cure would lead to cracking and premature failure. The estimated final cost of  the project is $43,000, well  under the $85,000 budget.


SUNSET STREET – This project is on hold until we can construct the Connally/League intersection. We are trying to get that intersection open before the school year begins.


CONNALLY STREET – The Capital Construction Division is constructing the Connally/League intersection at one end of the street and the drainage system at the other end of the street.


WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT – Today was a milestone day at the wastewater treatment plant. We began testing the new aerators today. Tonight we will  fill the aeration basin with treated effluent, and we will begin a 5-day aeration test tomorrow. After that we will begin treating wastewater with the new aerators. This marks a turning point in the project. Almost all of the work remaining is street construction, sidewalks and grass. This has been an $18 million project. We expect to come in a little under budget. We expect to be finished in January.


CLAIMS – We did not have any workers’ compensation claims in July.


We had one liability claim from a driver who claimed damages to their vehicle after driving around city equipment in a work zone. TML denied the claim.

2020 STREET IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM (S.I.P.) – Staff has prioritized the list of streets to be paved in the 2020 S.I.P. These are all of the streets we will be able to pave with the $5 Street Maintenance fee:



Project Segment Length History Notes
Asphalt Repair Various soft spot repairs 1000′ mill&inlay
Barbara Tate to Camp 649′ PMS 2004 mill
Cedar Springs Hollie       and       Cedar Springs 3364′ PMS 2004
CMH Rd. Hwy 67 to I-30 2535′ seal coat 1993
Debord Park to Cemetery 570′ PMS 2005 CTS
Graham Gilmer to Oak 338′ 1995 CTS
Harred Alabama to College 470′ Slurry 1998 mill
Lake Shore Jill to Lewis 1362′ PMS 2003 mill-gutter
Linda Fisher to Gilmer 1410′ PMS 2004 CTS
Longino Middle to Park 1452′ PMS 2007 CTS
Lou and Jonas 2650′ Slurry 1998
Middle Jackson to Church 1140′ PMS 2007 CTS
Mockingbird Shannon to Posey 3560′ HMAC 1998 mill&inlay
Myndi Helm to dead-end 898′ Slurry 1998
Nicholson Locust to Moore 1072′ PMS 2005 mill
Oak Grove Jefferson to End 702′ PMS 2004 mill
Park Cir. Bill Bradford to all 1563′ PMS 2006 CTS
Plano/Pampa Texas to Brinker 1362′ PMS 2002 mill
Rosemont Jefferson to Houston 1072′ PMS 2004 CTS
Seventh RR to Park 1584′ PMS 2005 CTS


REVENUES AND EXPENDITURES – Finance Director Lesa Smith will give a year- to-date report of revenues and expenditures.

Elsewhere around the city, employees:

  • Made 13 street repairs following utility
  • Patched 45 potholes.
  • Replaced 6 street signs, 2 Wrong Way signs and installed 2 Slow Children Playing signs.


  • Burned the brush pile at
  • Repaired the belt press at the wastewater treatment
  • Repaired the generator at Coleman water
  • Repaired Cantex lift
  • Treated wastewater effluent to a daily average total suspended solids (TSS) reading of .68 mg/L, less than one-tenth of the maximum
  • Repaired 14 water main
  • Replaced 18 water
  • Unstopped 14 sewer
  • Repaired 6 sewer
  • Flushed 35 dead-end water
  • Drained and washed the Carter Street water tower.
  • Treated 161 million gallons of potable
  • Responded to 178 fire/rescue calls including 1 vehicle fire and 4 grass
  • Performed 25 fire inspections and reviewed 25 pre-fire
  • Performed preventative maintenance on 72 fire
  • Conducted 34 building inspections, 26 electrical inspections, 16 plumbing inspections, 6 mechanical inspections, and issued 32 building
  • Checked out 4,629 items from the
  • Sold 2,196 gallons of AvGas and 11,598 gallons of JetA
  • Responded to 2,911 calls for police, worked 22 accidents, wrote 605 citations, made 87 arrests and recorded 71
  • Responded to 203 animal control calls and achieved an adoption rate of 34%.
  • Made 13 felony arrests in the special crimes
  • Seized 8.9 pounds of