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Sulphur Springs City Manager Report

Report from City Manager Marc Maxwell

CANTEX FORCE MAIN – This project is completed. The Capital Construction division connected the final segment of sewer main to the Cantex Lift Station and began pumping through the new force main Monday night. This was the final capital improvement project in the 2013-2017 C.I.P. It replaces 2,400 linear feet of aging sewer force main and 2,900 feet of gravity main. The sewer main did pass through the middle of the hospital complex. The new route passes around the hospital complex. One-third of the city’s sewage passes through this line.

CROSSTOWN TRAIL  –  Now that the Cantex project is completed we will return to the Crosstown Trail project.  We are still waiting for delivery of the flashing lights for the Main Street crossing, and we expect delivery on  Wednesday. When finished, this grant-funded project will connect Buford Park to Coleman Park and the high school/civic center complex. It will also replace the sidewalk on the north side of Connally Street.

SUNSET STREET – We will open bids for materials for this project on October 24. Expect to approve the low bids at the November 6 council meeting. This project was delayed 30 days to give bidders more time to review and comply with the extensive certifications mandated by the grant. The project will include new water mains, new sewer mains and a new concrete street from Connally to Houston. The $275,000 CDBG grant is matched with $132,000 of city funding. We have submitted construction drawings for approval. Work will begin in the fall.

WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT – Phase 2 is well underway. The contractor has begun the construction of the aeration basins; in fact, the first concrete was poured today.

CLAIMS – We had four workers compensation claims in September. All were for police officers. Three were exposed to blood and were treated as a precautionary measure. Another officer was exposed to methamphetamine smoke during the arrest. He was treated and released.

We received three liability claims in September. Two were sewer overflows and those claims were submitted to TML. The other claim was from a driver who was rear-ended by one of our patrol cars. The driver and passenger in the other vehicle claimed to be injured.

The City submitted three claims to the TML Risk Pool in September. One was for the aforementioned accident. Another was for yet another police accident (single car). The third was for damages to a light post and seat wall on Celebration Plaza caused by a vehicle accident/domestic dispute.

We were also served a lawsuit for an accident that occurred in 2016.

REVENUES AND EXPENDITURES – Finance Director Lesa Smith will not give a year-to-date report of revenues and expenditures since the month just closed on Sunday.

Elsewhere around the city, employees:

  • Sold 1,381 gallons of AvGas and 8,546 gallons of Jet-A fuel.
  • Made 18 street repairs following utility repairs.
  • Replaced 4 “Stop” signs and 10 “No Parking” signs.
  • Removed 3 trees that had fallen in the streets.
  • Treated downtown plaza and athletic fields for armyworms.
  • Rebuild the brick seat wall behind the veterans memorial.
  • Conducted 42 building inspections, 29 electrical inspections, 21 plumbing inspections, 8 mechanical inspections and issued 25 building permits.
  • Installed airport cameras.
  • Repaired the fountain on Celebration Plaza.
  • Repaired storm damage to the animal shelter’s electrical service.
  • Produced wastewater treated effluent with a daily average total suspended solids reading of 1.17 mg/L.
  • Repaired 22 water main ruptures.
  • Replaced 10 water meters.
  • Unstopped 7 sewer mains.
  • Repaired 4 sewer mains.
  • Washed 75,000’ of sewer mains.
  • Flushed 33 dead-end water mains.
  • Performed preventative on several items at the water treatment plant and the wastewater treatment plant.
  • Treated 150 million gallons of potable water.
  • Responded to 175 fire/rescue calls including 1 structure fire and 1 vehicle fire.
  • Performed preventative maintenance on 70 fire hydrants.
  • Reviewed 71 pre-fire plans.
  • Issued 20 weed violation notices and 4 citations.
  • Checked out 3,034 items from the library and an additional 553 eBooks.
  • Recorded 53 offenses, wrote 539 citations, made 81 arrests and responded to 32 accidents in the Patrol Division.
  • Made 7 felony arrests in the Special Crimes Unit.
  • Responded to 200 animal control calls while achieving an adoption rate of 27%.