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Sulphur Springs IS Regular Meeting

Notice of Regular Board Meeting of the Sulphur Springs Independent School District

Notice is now given and the date, location, and time listed below that the Board of Trustees of the Sulphur Springs Independent School District will hold a regular board meeting. The subjects
to be discussed are listed on the agenda which is attached to and made a part of this Notice.

Date: Monday, March 11, 2019
Location: Board Room
Administration Building
631 Connally
Sulphur Springs, Texas
Time: 6:00 pm
(Including Administrative Reports)

If, during the meeting covered by this notice, the Board of Trustees should determine that a closed or executive meeting or session of the Board of Trustees is required, then such private or executive meeting or session as authorized by the Texas Open Meetings Act,
Texas Government Code Section 551.001 et seq., will be held by the School Board at the date, hour, and place given in this Notice or as soon after the commencement of the meeting covered
by this Notice. The school board may conveniently meet in such closed or executive meeting or session concerning any and all purposes permitted by the Act, including, but not limited to the
following sections and purposes:
Texas Government Code Section:
551.071 Private consultation with the board’s attorney.
551.072 Discussing purchase, exchange, lease, or value of real property.
551.073 Discussing negotiated contracts for prospective gifts or donations.
551.074 Discussing personnel or to hear complaints against staff.
551.076 Considering the deployment, specific occasions for, or implementation of, security
personnel or devices.
551.0785 Deliberation of public insurance, health, or retirement plan regarding the medical or psychiatric records of an individual applicant for a benefit from an idea.
551.082 Considering discipline of a public school child, or complaint or charge against
551.0821 Deliberation of a matter regarding a student if identifiable information about the student will be revealed.
39.030(a) Discussion or adoption of individual assessment instruments or assessment instrument items.
Deliberation of information considered confidential under Government Code 418.175-418.182 relating to Homeland Security.
551.087 Deliberation about commercial or financial information received from a business prospect the board wants to have located, stay or expand in or near the district and with which the board is conducting economic development negotiations, and to
deliberate the offer of a financial or another incentive to such a business prospect.

Should any final action, final decision, or final vote be required in the opinion of the school board about any matter considered in such closed or executive meeting or session, then the last action, final decision, or final vote shall be either:
(a) the open meeting covered by the Notice upon the reconvening of the public meeting, or
(b) at a subsequent public meeting of the school board upon notice thereof; as the school board shall determine.

On this the 8th day of March 2019, an original copy was posted on the bulletin board in the Sulphur Springs Independent School District Administration Building at 4:00 pm on the said date
and this notice was given to news media who have previously requested such Notice.

Michael Lamb
Superintendent of Schools
Sulphur Springs ISD