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Sulphur Springs ISD Board Briefs 06.15.22

A regular meeting/budget work session of the Sulphur Springs ISD school board was on Tuesday, June 14, 2022.



No one requested to address the Board during Public Forum.




They reported on summer activities throughout the District.


Lisa Robinson gave a STAAR & EOC Testing data report.


The Board was given the following Head Start items for informational purposes only:

Head Start Director’s Report for May

Policy Council Meeting Minutes for May

Head Start Financial Report for May



Along with routine matters, they approved the following:


Continuation of Student Accident Insurance with Texas Student Resources/Health Special Risk, Inc.


Credit by Exam testing dates for the 2022-2023 school year.


Region 08 ESC Contracts for 2022-2023 school year.





Sherry McGraw presented board members with the first draft summary of the 2022-2023 budget. Another budget work session will be at the July 11, 2022 meeting.


Summer Contracts- due to mid-term hire date

Sean Ditto SPED/SSMS
Kimberly Chisom READ 180/SSMS
Jamie Young English 1/SSHS
Matthew Newton Teacher-Coach/SSHS
Peter Medlock Teacher-Coach/SSHS
Brett Page Teacher-Coach/SSHS


Name Position School Effective Date Reason
Amanda Barrett Gr 3 Math/Sci Teacher Bowie Primary 5/27/2022 Personal
Chandler Macek Kinder ELAR/SS Bowie Primary 5/27/2022 New Job
Tina Phillips SPED Aide Bowie Primary 5/27/2022 Personal
Kara Argenbright Literacy Support Rowena Johnson 5/27/2022 New Job
Carson Folmar Gr 1 ELAR/SS Teacher Rowena Johnson 5/27/2022 Personal
Jamie Rhoades Gr 2 ELAR/SS Teacher Rowena Johnson 5/27/2022 Personal
Amy Tanton Gr 1 ELAR/SS Teacher Rowena Johnson 5/27/2022 New Job
Lourdes Garcia Title 1 Aide Travis Primary 5/27/2022 Personal
Elias Garcia BIL Aide SSES 5/27/2022 Personal
Jeffery Garza Asst. Band Director Middle School 5/27/2022 Moving
Cassidy McClure Gr 6 Math Middle School 5/27/2022 Personal
Christine Thomas Gr 7 ELAR Teacher Middle School 5/27/2022 Personal
Tina Tipps SPED Aide Middle School 5/27/2022 New Job
Kathy Hewett ISS Aide Middle School 5/27/2022 Retirement
Neal Parsons Teacher/Coach High School 5/27/2022 Personal
Easton Silman Teacher/Coach High School 5/27/2022 New Job
Taylor Thompson Agriculture Teacher High School 6/6/2022 Personal
Matt Young Coach/Teacher High School 5/27/2022 New Job
Cedrick Wright Culinary Teacher High School 5/27/2022 Personal
Name Position School Effective Date Replacing
Justin Cowart Asst. Superintendent Secondary 7/1/2022 Josh Williams
Katherine Cowart Innovative Learning Spec. Elementary 7/14/2022 Janelle Safford
+Amy Horton Gr 1 ELAR/SS Bowie Primary 8/4/2022 Britni Johnson
Lucinda Perez Behavior Intervionist Bowie Primary 8/4/2022 Carrissa Williams
Jaidyn Schroeder Title 1 Adie Bowie Primary 8/4/2022 Constance Stieber
Laramie Rogers SPED Aide Bush Primary 8/4/2022 Leticia Burnside
Kellie Bost Gr 1 Math/Science Bush Primary 8/4/2022 Laura Kring
Kayla Gresham K ELAR/SS Bush Primary 8/4/2022 Tristan Gant
Gracie Moore Gr 1 Math/Science Rowena Johnson 8/4/2022 Carson Folmar
Skylar Schumate Gr 1 ELAR/SS Rowena Johnson 8/4/2022 Amy Tanton
Alejandra Reyna Gr 2 DLE ELAR/Math Travis Primary 8/4/2022 Cathy Gray
Andrea Rodriguez Gr 2 DLE SLAR/Sci/SS Travis Primary 8/4/2022 Renee Johnson
Joanna Duran BIL Aide SSES 8/4/2022 Joanna Duran
Karmon Friddle Campus Secretary SSES 7/28/2022 Stephanie Hughes
Jamia Hall SPED Aide SSES 8/4/2022 Destinee Clark
Morgan Price Instruct. Aide SSES 8/4/2022 Jamie Young
Lauren Speer Instruct. Aide SSES 8/4/2022 Melina Wilks
Stephanie Phillips Gr 7 Math Co-Teach Middle School 8/4/2022 Hannah Kirby
Christopher Plumlee Gr 8 History Middle School 8/4/2022 Jeff Harris
Dana Wallace SPED Aide Middle School 8/4/2022 Miranda Scritchfield
Tammy Pearson Registrar Middle School 7/28/2022 Heather Garrison
Cody Brown Asst. Band Dir./Precussion Middle School 7/21/2022 Jeffery Garza
Nancy Rodgers SPED Resource Middle School 8/4/2022 LeeAnn Frazier
Alison Stevens Art Middle School 8/4/2022 Ashleigh Luke
Jasmin Del Castillo English High School 8/4/2022 Jennifer Bunch
Ron Hammond Social Studies High School 8/4/2022 Zakarius Wells
Stephen Hardy World History/Coach High School 7/28/2022 Neal Parsons
Trevor King Ag Teacher High School 7/21/2022 Taylor Thompson
Sarah Leach Athletic Secretary High School 7/25/2022 New Position
+Andrew Colton Gresham Teacher/Coach High School 7/14/2022 Easton Silman
+Juliana Ramirez Spanish High School 8/4/2022 Joe Garcia
Meredith Rule SPED Aide High School 8/4/2022 Wini Ream
Craig Philo SPED Teacher High School 8/4/2022 Hannah Graves
Imelda Smith Educational Diagnostician Special Services 8/4/2022 Haley Papez
Brandi Rhudy Special Prog. Secretary Special Services 7/25/2022 Robin Castro
+ District of Innovation
Name Former Position New Position Effective Date Replacing
+Tobias Adams SPED Aide/Middle School Gr 7 History/SSMS 8/4/2022 Dustin Barrett
Natosha Burns Gr 7 Math/SSES Gr 6 Math/SSES 8/4/2022 Cassidy McClure
Robin Castro SPED Secretary Science Teacher/SSHS 8/4/2022 Lory Owen
Destinee Clark SPED Aide/SSES SPED Teacher/SSES 8/4/2022 Karen Jasmer
Emily Emerine Head Start 3 Teacher Head Start Educ. Specialist 8/4/2022 Amanda Ridner
Ericka Fierst SPED Aide/ Johnson Gr 1 Math/Sci / Johnson 8/4/2022 Xenia Franco
Xenia Franco Gr 1 Teacher/Johnson Gr 5 Math/Sci/SSES 8/4/2022 Jaci Sorley
Cindy Gallo Gr 1 DLE/Travis Gr 6 ELAR/SSMS 8/4/2022 Christine Thomas
Leah Gore Special Education/Bush SPED Resource/Johnson 8/4/2022 Holly Thompson
Britni Johnson Gr 1 ELAR/SS / Bowie Kinder ELAR/SS / Bowie 8/4/2022 Chandler Macek
DaMarcus Johnson Library Aide/Bowie Technology Asst./SSMS 7/25/2022 Jonathan Stevenson
Lisa Lantz Counselor/Travis SPED Counselor/Bush & SPED 7/28/2022 Lyndsay Anderson
Melinda Page ELAR/SS Kinder ELAR/SS Gr 2 8/4/2022 Jamie Rhoades
Megan Postlethwait SPED Aide/Bush SPED Aide/SSES 8/4/2022 Long Term Sub
Miranda Scritchfield SPED Aide/SSMS Attendance/SSMS 7/28/2022 Tammy Pearson
Lauren Scivally Gr 1 DLE/Travis HS 3/Douglass 8/4/2022 Monica Weeks
Constance Stieber Title 1 Aide/Bowie Library Aide/Bowie 8/4/2022 DaMarcus Johnson
Holly Thompson Res. Spec. Ed/Johnson Literacy Support/Johnson 8/4/2022 Kara Argenbright
LaTosha Utt Pre-K/ Douglass Kinder ELAR/SS / Johnson 8/4/2022 Melinda Page
Melina Rivera Wilks Instruct. Aide/SSES Title 1 Aide/SSES 8/4/2022 Erick Perez
Jamie Young Instruct. Aide/SSES SPED Aide/SSES 8/4/2022 Long Term Sub