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Sulphur Springs ISD Board Meeting, Monday 08.09.21

A regular meeting of the Sulphur Springs ISD school board was held on Mon., August 9, 2021.




No one requested to address the Board during the Public Forum portion of the meeting.




VLK Architects gave a presentation to board members in re: to long range facilities planning.


Josh Williams, on behalf of Jenny Arledge, reported on the 2020-2021 CTE Program Evaluation.


Veronica Arnold presented information re: Food Services purchasing for 2021-2022 school year.


2021-2022 Faculty/Adult Visitor meal prices announced.  Breakfast $2.75 and lunch $4.25.


Kristin Monk reported on Back-to-School dates/activities for the 2021-2022 school year.


Josh Williams, on behalf of Jason Evans, presented information about the ESSA (Title I, Title II, Title III, Tile IV) applications.


Elementary, Middle School, High School handbook changes for 2021-22 were presented by Josh Williams.


Josh Williams presented the 2021-2022 SSISD Employee Handbook for review.


The SSISD Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan was presented by Josh Williams.


WRA Architects gave a presentation to board members in re: to long range facilities planning.



Along with routine matters, the following were approved:


Greenville ISD Regional Day School Program for the Deaf Shared Services Agreement.


Updated SSISD school lunch charge policy for the 2021-2022 school year.


Property Casualty Insurance renewal for 2021-2022 with Texas Political Subdivisions (TPS).


SSISD compensation plan.


Teacher appraisers and appraisal calendar for 2021-2022.


Local Policy Manual Update for FO(LOCAL).


SSISD Student Code of Conduct for the 2021-2022 school year.


TASB Policy Services Localized Policy Manual Update 117.







Ambie Tolleson                       Head Start 4 Aide                                           Douglass ECLC

Corban Jenkins                       SpEd Aide                                                       High School

Christie McCullough               Dance Teacher/Drill Team Instructor             High School

Kami Satterfield                      SpEd Aide                                                       High School


New Personnel


Carrington Chancellor             Pre-K Aide                              Douglass ECLC

Dejarnae Nash                        SpEd Aide                               Barbara Bush Primary

Brandi Rhudy                          SpEd Aide                               Barbara Bush Primary

Harley Kerby                           Title I Aide                               Rowena Johnson Primary

Jady Martin                             Title I Aide                               Rowena Johnson Primary

Logan Scott                             Title I Aide                               Rowena Johnson Primary

Elias Garcia                            Bilingual Aide                          SS Elementary

Alisa Kulak                              Gr 4 Math/Science Teacher   SS Elementary

Luciano Gallo                          SpEd Aide                               Middle School

Kerry Roy                               SpEd Aide                               Middle School

Amanda Cochran                   SpEd Aide                               High School

Brandy Griffin                         English Teacher                      High School

Patti Laeding                           English Teacher(Part-time)    High School



Personnel Change    New position/campus                                  Former position/campus


Jairo Ramirez             ESL,LPAC,Migrant Facilitator/Admin             Bilingual Aide/SS Elementary


Tracy Flanery             Early Childhood SpEd Teacher/                     Connections Teacher/

Douglass ECLC                                              High School


Leslie McDowell          Head Start Teacher/Douglass ECLC             Pre-K Aide/Douglass ECLC


Amber Harris              Head Start Teacher/Douglass ECLC             SpEd Aide/Barbara Bush


Lila Sears                    Pre-K Teacher/Douglass ECLC                     Title I Aide/Rowena Johnson


Kayla Miller                 Title I Aide/Bowie                                            Head Start Aide/Douglass


Eric Buck                    SpEd Aide/High School                                  Title I Aide/Bowie


Meredith Dial               Dance Teacher & Drill Team Instructor/        Gr 4 Teacher/SS Elementary

High School