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Sulphur Springs ISD Board Meeting/Work Session 09.30.19

A special meeting/board work session of the Sulphur Springs ISD school board was held on Monday, September 30, 2019.

No one requested to address the Board during the Public Forum portion of the meeting.


An agreement to finalize contract negotiations with Coca-Cola as the district’s beverage provider.

Two bids for the purchase of the 128 Fore Street property.  If the leading bid ($142,500) defaults, it will move to the second bid ($137,259).  Both bids satisfied all filing requirements.

Renewal of membership in Walsh, Gallegos, Trevino, Russo & Kyle, P.C. retainer program for 2019-2020.



Valorie Frazier                         SpEd Teacher                         Barbara Bush Primary

Jennifer Price                         Kindergarten Teacher             Barbara Bush Primary

Aimee Blackburn                    Kindergarten Teacher             Bowie Primary

Rayla Smith                            SpEd Aide                               SS Elementary

*Glynnis Harrison                    SpEd Aide                               High School

Gregory (Chuck) Owens        Maintenance Worker              Administration

Sara Tanton                            Maintenance Secretary          Administration

New Personnel

Robin Castro                           Admin. Asst.                            Special Services

Kourtney Hines                       SpEd Aide                               High School

Personnel Changes              New Position/Campus                     Former Position/Campus

Rhonda Loggins                      Maintenance Secretary/Admin           Campus Secretary/Lamar

Haleigh Miller                          VI Aide & Clerk/Special Services       Admin. Asst./Sp Services

Maria Garcia-Hildalgo             SpEd Teacher/High School                SpEd Aide/High School


Strategic Planning presentation by Betty Burks

The Board, Superintendent and core Administrations collaborated on the District Goals Assessment.