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Swindell’s First Job In Today’s Nashville Roundup

Cole Swindell tells Fox News that his first job in Nashville was selling Luke Bryan concert merchandise. “I moved to Nashville and I was applying downtown trying to find a job to pay the bills, and he happened to need a merch guy so, man, I didn’t plan it like that, but getting to learn from a new artist at that point, and now he’s one of the biggest stars out there … it’s pretty cool to say I went from merchandise to having my own merchandise now, so it’s pretty crazy.”

Luke Bryan tells Billboard Magazine that he wants to be “the voice for the common man.” “I think it’s kind of fun for me to be the voice for the common man, the good old boys out there. I’ve been around the block and I’ve been to the big cities, the small towns. I tour the big cities, and then I go do Farm Tour and tour those [cities]. I’ve got a pretty good overall read on culture and society.”

Luke Bryan tells The Denver Post that after a tour ends it takes a few days for him to come down from his touring ‘high’. “It takes you about a day or two to come down from the passion of that, and the emotional and physical high.”

Russell Dickerson tells Billboard Magazine that he had no money throughout the first year of his marriage. “We were broke! We honestly got a cool season of our life just to be married and not really worry about the hustle and the grind — to just honestly be broke and happy. I wouldn’t trade the fame and all of that for that first year of marriage.”

Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley tells Delish magazine that he never passes up a Krispy Kreme donut. “If I drop by a Krispy Kreme and the hot sign’s on, I don’t care what time of day it is, I’m going in. That’s a Kelley family rule: If you drive by — it can’t be two days in a row — but if you drive by, you have to go in. If you see it, there’s a reason you saw it. You go.”

Thomas Rhett tells NBC that parenting comes naturally to him. “To me, I just think it becomes a new normal. You live your life so long just caring for yourself or caring for one other person, and then you bring a child into it, and it’s a whole different ball game. For us, we just try to soak it in and really pay attention and watch [our daughter] grow up and try to remember all the little subtleties.”