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Thanksgiving Pack 2021

Spoiling your pet with treats from the dinner table this holiday could cause dangerous outcomes for them.

While your dog may be giving you that puppy dog looks for extra scraps from your plate this Thanksgiving, veterinarians said to resist handing them that bit of food under the table because it could cause dangerous and even deadly risks to your pet.

Dr. Kathy Sultemeier of Colonial Park Veterinary Hospital in Wichita Falls said most of your holiday feast should be off-limits to your pets, including ham.

“The other things people don’t tend to think about are some things that are around year-round, but we tend to have more of during the holidays, such as chocolate. So like, chocolate pie, the dog can’t get into that. Anything with grapes or raisins, that’s also very toxic to dogs,” Sultemeier said.

Sultemeier said if you are unable to resist that sweet face begging you for a holiday treat, she said it’s safe to feed them a small helping of white turkey meat with no fat or skin, of course, and only a bite or two to avoid any risk of them getting sick.

While dogs love to chew on bones from your local pet store, the bones from the turkey are off-limits. Not only are they more accessible for the dog to ingest, but they also tend to hold heavy elements of the turkey that can be highly toxic to your pet.