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The Breaking Bad Family Reunion In Today’s Hollywood Report

Jennifer Aniston tells Howard Stern that she turned down the chance to audition for Saturday Night Live. “I didn’t think I would like that environment. I remember turning up and [Adam] Sandler was there and [David] Spade was there, and I’d known them already and they were like, ‘Look, Aniston’s here!’ I met them when I was 20, 21 after I’d done a television show with a guy who knew them. I was like, ‘I think that women need to be treated better here.’ Because it was such a boys club. You’re just, not the brightest when you’re in your early 20s. I didn’t lecture him, I was just saying what I would hope if I was to do this, what I would hope it to be.”

Jennifer Aniston tells Howard Stern that her ex-husband, Justin Theroux, forced her to watch her 1993 movie ”Leprechaun.” The movie was Jennifer’s first. ”I really did think it was an amazing thing that I was in a movie. I watched it like, 8 years ago with our mutual friend Justin Theroux. We were dating. It was one of those things when I tried to get that remote out of his hand and there was just no having it. He was like, “No, no, no, no, this is happening.” I just kept walking in and out, cringing.”

The Sun claims Spider-Man star Tom Holland recently shaved his head for a new role

Fans react

“Tom Holland is hairless nooooooooooo’


“Rest in peace to Tom Holland’s beautiful hair. You will be missed” claims Liam Hemsworth is not ready to date yet. A source tells the website that he is still getting over his breakup from Miley Cyrus. “Liam needed some time to recover from the pain over this breakup, but he’s in a really good place now and is getting better each and every day. He’s solely focused on moving forward in a positive direction — and has no interest in dating, at least at this point.”

Aaron Paul says filming the new Breaking Bad movie ”El Camino” was like a family reunion. “We were really truly such a family, and it felt like a crazy sort of messed up family reunion just telling the same old messed up story. It was a lot of fun, so much fun. We had a fake name for the film. I told my wife, obviously, and my parents, and a couple of my friends, but everybody else, I said I was doing a small little indie project in New Mexico and no one second-guessed it. Some people maybe thought, ‘Are you doing Better Call Saul?’ and I would just say, ‘No, they’re on a hiatus’… It was easy for me to keep a secret, but I just couldn’t wait for the world to be finally able to see it. They’re going to really love it.”

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan was recently doing an interview with sportscaster Rich Eisen when Rich asked if Walter White is going to appear in ”El Camino”. Vince said, ”Walter White is dead. Yes.”

The film debuts on Netflix this Friday.

Life & Style Weekly Magazine claims the new Bachelor, Peter Weber, was recently hospitalized with a serious facial injury. He was golfing in Costa Rica when the injury occurred. A source tells the magazine, “He went to step on the cart but fell and split his face open on two cocktail glasses he was carrying, Peter underwent surgery and was sent to a hospital so far away because the facility had a surgeon that specialized in his injuries.”

Peter received 22 stitches.

The National Enquirer claims Mila Kunis allegedly dyed her hair blond to keep Ashton Kutcher from straying. A source tells the magazine,  ”Demi’s (Moore) comments have brought her insecurities about all the difficulties Mila and Ashton have had in their own marriage back to the surface. She felt she needed to give her image a boost. She thought the blonde locks would give her a new look that would lock Ashton’s attention on her, where it should be.”

Reese Witherspoon tells Contact Music that she uses a facial roller twice a day to keep the dark circles under her eyes to a minimum. ”It feels so good. I do it in the morning, too, a little bit. And then it helps me get rid of the dark circles.”

Joaquin Phoenix tells Ace Showbiz that he is surprised about how many people are commenting on ”Joker” even though they haven’t seen the movie. “There’s been so much said by people who haven’t even seen the movie. There have been think pieces by people who have said, ‘I haven’t seen the movie, I’m not gonna see the movie, I don’t need to see the movie’, and then they write two pages about the movie.”