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The Favorite Batman Poll In Today’s Hollywood Report

Radar Online claims Bradley Cooper has allegedly been in constant contact with Lady Gaga since breaking up with Irina Shayk. A source tells the website, “He’s just totally spellbound by her and thinks she’s the wisest, coolest and most worldly person on the planet. Gaga’s in a tough spot because she doesn’t want to rub Irina’s nose in it. But still, she does adore Bradley so she’s happy to take his calls.”

Contact Music claims Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk are ready to date other people. A source tells US Weekly Magazine, ”They want to date, and won’t be shy about meeting people or being set up. They’re closing a long chapter of their lives, but they’re ready to see what’s next. Bradley and Irina are amicable and trying to be respectful of each other. They both want to keep it civil for the sake of Lea (daughter).”

A source tells Entertainment Tonight, “The breakup has been consuming and jumping back into a relationship at this point is not Bradley’s first priority, but he and Gaga have a deep friendship. Bradley and Gaga hope to work together again and their friends believe, for the time being, they are co-stars and great friends.”

Uproxx claims Marvel is planning to re-release ”Avengers: Endgame” with extra footage. ‘Avengers: Endgame” is $45 million away from breaking the all-time box-office record set by ”Avatar.”

Adam Sandler tells People magazine that he hopes a ”Friends” movie gets made.“Friends was a powerhouse. Everybody on Friends is excellent, everybody likes them. America, the world loves the cast. So for God’s sake, make a movie for everyone.”

Adam and Jennifer Aniston star in a new Netflix movie called ”Murder Mystery”.

Oprah tells Entertainment Tonight that she has no plans to reboot her daily talk show. “I would love to make that happen, let me tell you. But maybe not every day. For 25 years, it was perfect. The only time I missed it was during the election or when something really big happens in the news. I think, ‘Oh gee, I wish I had a show.'”

The Irish Mirror claims Daniel Craig drives a $2 million Aston Martin in the new James Bond movie. The turbocharged sports car can go from 0 to 60 mph in under three seconds. It has a V6 engine and a square steering wheel.

TMZ claims a car smashed into Bob Barker’s Hollywood Hills estate on Tuesday. The car lodged in a perimeter wall and never got close to the house. All of the passengers are okay. Bob was not injured or affected

Us Weekly claims Kristen Bell recently rushed to the hospital after her four-year-old daughter stuffed a jewel up her nose.

She Instagrammed; “My youngest daughter shoved a jewel up her nose up to her brain and we jumped in the car headed to the emergency room. On the way, she snorted it out and we re-routed and went to The Good Place panel instead.”

Russell Crowe tells Howard Stern that he once bought a dinosaur skull from Leonardo DiCaprio. ”He was pretty cool about it, he said “Just give me what I paid for it” and I think he paid like $30,000 or $35,000.” Russell later sold the skull for $45,000.

The Hollywood Reporter recently asked 2,200 people to name their favorite Batman. Here is what they found…

Christian Bale 39%

Michael Keaton 38%

George Clooney 19%

Ben Affleck 18%

Val Kilmer 17%