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The Urban-Kidman Kids Are Budding Stars In Today’s Nashville Roundup

Contact Music claims Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, are going to voice hatchlings in the sequel to the Angry Birds movie. The two had cameos in Nicole’s HBO show “Big Little Lies.”

Brett Young tells Pop Culture Country that Dierks Bentley has been giving him parenting advice about balancing being a father and a country star. “It was something that Dierks has said before, that you can’t really balance it. I think that’s why we appreciate the women in our lives so much. My wife, she understands that right now it is as busy and as exciting as it’s ever been. And so there isn’t a great balance. I do have to be gone all the time and there is a demand on my time that I really can’t change or affect right now. I think the balance is, that depending on the person that you’re with and sharing your life with, you just don’t want to push their limits. Luckily for me, I am with somebody that’s very understanding and supportive.”

Justin Moore tells Billboard magazine that he’s just a ‘normal guy.’ “I am normal. I just have a really cool job. I didn’t get into this to become famous, I got into it because I like to play music. I’d be playing music whether I was doing it as a career or not. I’d be playing in a VFW club back home if I had to.”

Maren Morris tells Rolling Stone magazine that people overreacted to her recent topless picture in Playboy magazine. ”I mean, I think everyone needs to calm down. Maybe people thought that when the magazine comes out, I’m gonna be completely nude, which is hilarious. I’m cool with my body, but I wouldn’t do that. I hear, “You’re my daughter’s role model and I won’t be bringing her to your shows anymore.” I’m like, “How about you be your daughter’s role model?” I mean, Dolly Parton was on the cover of Playboy in the Seventies. If you think Country’s going to hell, well, Dolly did it!”

Luke Combs tells People Magazine that he would rather be remembered as a good person than a good singer. “When you go home, you can’t think of yourself as a rock star or a country star. The powers that be can push you in that direction, and it’s a dangerous thing. You can get caught up in that real quick, and that’s trouble. I wanna be remembered for good songs, as a good husband, as a good dad eventually. Everything else? I don’t know.”

Eric Church tells that he will never hide the fact that he is a southerner. “I am proud of being from the south, and I can’t shy away from that. I think it would be a crime to hide from that. I’d prefer people to not like me or my music rather than me pretending to be something or someone I’m not. It’s who I am. I’m a southerner. Period.”