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This Year’s Super Bowl Prop Bets

Now that the talent lineup for the Super Bowl is complete, the prop bets – the ones where you can bet on silly things that have nothing to do with the actual game – have been updated. The online sports betting site Bovada is now offering odds on, for example, which song Maroon 5 will perform first during the halftime show, or what color shirt Adam Levine will be wearing when the performance starts. You can also bet on whether or not Adam will team with one of the announced guest performers – Outkast rapper Big Boi – to perform “Mic Jack,” a song the two recorded together in 2017. You can also bet money on Gladys Knight’s performance of the National Anthem. For example, you can bet on whether her rendition will be longer or shorter than one minute and 45 seconds, whether or not she’ll forget or omit a word, and whether or not she’ll be wearing pants or some kind of skirt, dress or gown. Here is a list of prop bets for Super Bowl LIIII via Bovada”

  • Coin Toss: Heads (-105), Tails (-105)
  • How long will it take Gladys Knight to sing the U.S. national anthem? Over 1:45 (-140), Under 1:45 (Even)
  • Will Gladys Knight be wearing a skirt, dress or gown to sing the national anthem? Yes (-175), No (+135)
  • Will Gladys Knight omit a word from the national anthem? Yes (+300), No (-500)
  • Will any player take a knee during the national anthem? Yes (+400), No (-700)
  • Will any scoring drive take less time than it takes Gladys Knight to sing the national anthem? Yes (-110), No (-130)


  • Total Donald Trump tweets on February 3? Over 6 (-120), Under 6 (-120)
  • Will a fan run onto the field during the game? Yes (+350), No (-2500)
  • Will Donald Trump attend the game? Yes (+450), No (-850)
  • Will the Chick-Fil-A franchise in Mercedes-Benz Stadium be open on Super Bowl Sunday? Yes (+575), No (-1100)
  • Will the roof of Mercedes-Benz Stadium be open for kickoff? Yes (-165), No (+125)


  • What color will the liquid be that is poured on the game-winning coach? Lime/Green/Yellow (+225), Orange (+300), Blue (+375), Red (+400), Clear/Water (+400), Purple (+1000)
  • Will a non-QB throw a touchdown? Yes (+350), No (-600)
  • Will there be a flea-flicker attempt in the game? Yes (+155), No (-220)
  • Will there be a penalty for roughing the passer? Yes (-105), No (-135)
  • Will there be an onside kick attempt in the game? Yes (-140), No (Even)
  • Will any player be ejected for throwing a punch or fighting? Yes (+700), No (-1600)
  • Will either team not punt during the game? Yes, one or both teams do not punt (+900) – No, both teams punt (-3500)


  • Will any quarterback throw for 400 or more yards in the game? Yes (+275), No (-220)


  • Will both teams combined score 76 or more points to break the Super Bowl record? Yes (+325), No (-550)


  • Who will the Super Bowl MVP mention first in his speech? Teammates (+175), God (+190), Family or Family Member (+500), Owner (+550), City (+1000), Coach (+1100), Does Not Mention Any of Listed (+400)
  • Will the Super Bowl winning team visit the White House? Yes (-175), No (+135)


  • How many commercials will run during the Super Bowl? Over 96 (-120), Under (-120)
  • Which commercial will appear first? Turkish Airlines (-500), WeatherTech (+300)
  • Which commercial will appear first? Expensify (-180), TurboTax (Intuit) (+140)
  • Which commercial will appear first? Avocados From Mexico (-120), Planters (Kraft Heinz) (-120)
  • Which commercial will appear first? Doritos (-145), Pringles (+105)
  • Which commercial will appear first? Bubly (-120), Pepsi (-120)
  • Which commercial will appear first? Audi (-200), Kia (+150)
  • Which commercial will appear first? Hyundai (-400), Mercedes-Benz (+250)
  • Which commercial will appear first? Budweiser (+175), Bud Light (+190), Stella Artois (+400), Michelob Ultra (+400), Bon & Viv SpikedSeltzer (+400)
  • Which commercial will appear first? Coke or Variants (-170), Pepsi or Variants (+130)


  • How many songs will be played during the halftime show? Over 7.5 (-120), Under 7.5 (-120)
  • What will be the first song performed by Maroon 5? “One More Night” (+300), “Makes Me Wonder” (+500), “Sugar” (+550), “Animals” (+600), “Girls Like You” (600), “Moves Like Jagger” (+600), “Don’t Wanna Know” (+700), “Payphone” (+1000), “Maps” (+1500), “She Will Be Loved” (+1500), “This Love” (+1500)
  • What will be the predominant color of Adam Levine’s top at the start of the halftime show? Black (-180), Any other color (+140)
  • Will Adam Levine be wearing a hat at the start of the halftime show? Yes (-110), No (-130)
  • Will Big Boi and Adam Levine perform “Mic Jack” at halftime? Yes (-400), No (+250)
  • Will Christina Aguilera make an appearance during the halftime show? Yes (+250), No (-400)