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Tim and Faith Plus More Miranda Lambert News In Today’s Nashville Insider


Hollywoodlife.com claims Miranda Lambert is allegedly dating a married man named Evan Felker. A source tells the website that Miranda dislikes Evan’s estranged wife, Staci, calling her a homewrecker. “Miranda doesn’t feel that she has anything to apologize for, and if anything it should be Staci saying sorry, as she’s the one that’s airing their dirty laundry in public. Miranda is a very firm believer in ‘it’s all fair in love and war’ and thinks Staci should accept that she’s lost Evan, and just move on. If anything, the negative press brings Miranda and Evan closer together, it certainly isn’t giving Miranda any second thoughts, she’s crazy about Evan, and plans to hold on to him.”

Bebe Rexha tells Entertainment Weekly that her brain was fried when she wrote “Meant To Be” with Florida Georgia Line. ”It was fun. I had a bunch of sessions that day, and my manager was like, “I really want you to get in the studio with Florida Georgia Line and write a country song.” I was like, “Uh, okay.” And then I walk into the studio and [FGL] were like, “Ready to write?” I had just done two sessions that day and was not ready to do a third! I didn’t tell them that, but I’m calling my manager frantically like, “Oh hell no, I can’t write right now, my brain is fried.” But we just sat down and started talking, and the song just flowed. We were talking about real-life stuff, how some things are meant to be, some things aren’t. Tyler [Hubbard] was talking about his wife. I loved working with him.”

Sounds Like Nashville claims Carrie Underwood recently allowed her young son Isaiah to stay up way past his bedtime so he could attend the Predators-Jets playoff game and watch her sing the National Anthem. Carey Instagrammed: “As a child, I wanted nothing more than to make my parents proud of me…and now, as a mother, I want to make my child proud… He never really gets to see me sing because he’s in bed before I go on stage, but last night he was there to watch his daddy play…and he also got see his mommy sing for a minute.”

Sounds Like Nashville claims Chris Young recently golfed with Bill Murray at the 17th Annual Murray Bros. Caddyshack Charity Golf Tournament. The two then sang together at a party following the tournament. The tournament raises money for various charities

Garth Brooks tells E! News that he and Trisha Yearwood made a special promise to one another when they got married. “We’ve both been married before, so we made a promise to each other to be together instead of apart. We always tour together, we always do everything together. I bet you this year so far we’ve probably spent two nights apart– that’s how I like it.”

Lady A’s Hillary Scott tells People magazine that being a mother to twins is challenging. “I will say, if I gotta run out the door I pretty much draw on my eyebrows, put my hair in a bun and maybe have time for a little wand of mascara. And I really try to take a shower every day! [laughs] That is just full transparency.”

People magazine claims Faith Hill recently acknowledged Tim McGraw’s birthday by posting a picture of her kissing him. She captioned the photo with: ”you give good smoochy-face”