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Tim McGraw Talks About His New Book In Today’s Nashville Roundup

Lady Antebellum lead singer Hillary Scott tells that the band’s musical tastes are much more than just country. “Our radio isn’t just set to country stations. We were raised in every genre, pretty much. I’m a huge fan of pop music and R&B and hip-hop. We have a very eclectic base of music.”

Brett Young and his wife, Taylor, are the proud parents of a new baby girl named Presley Elizabeth. The couple tells the magazine, “We have wanted this for so long and never could we have dreamed of something so beautiful and life-changing. She is perfect and we are forever better because she was given to us.”

Matt Stell tells Entertainment Focus that he didn’t get serious about music until he got bored during a Christmas break in college. “I was playing basketball in college. I graduated and my eligibility was up, and my chances of playing professional basketball were slim, especially since I was just really tired of it. The being done with the basketball part was really just me graduating. I started playing music in college over Christmas break … basketball’s a winter sport and the whole school was on winter break, but for five weeks, I had to stay on campus and I was bored. Video games were starting to be boring too. My mom had gotten me this guitar when I was 12, and I asked her to bring it up. I just sat in front of my computer learning old country songs, bluegrass songs, southern rock songs and things like that. I started writing songs just about as soon as I could rope four chords together.”

Cole Swindell tells Sounds Like Nashville that fans relate to him because he is just like them. “I’m just a normal person, and I think that’s my message during my show, too. I want them to know that I’m just like you. I know what it’s like for a song to mean the world to you, for an artist to mean the world to you. It’s not about me. This is about how I can tell my story so that it helps other people.”

Chris Janson tells Billboard magazine that he wrote and recorded his brand new album, “Real Friends,” at home. “I made this record at my house. You don’t need big productions or extravagant budgets or catering or all this stupid extra stuff that goes into it. You don’t need all that. It’s really about the music. I don’t have the time, energy or most importantly, want to go to a studio and lose my vibe and get into somebody else’s space and do it by protocol. I don’t have any restrictions at my house, and I don’t ever get to be at my house. I love my job and we get to travel all the time, but when I’m home, I love to be there. It’s like a sanctuary for me, and being at home is such an incredible feeling. We wrote it there, so why not record it there?”

Kane Brown is planning to get back in shape. He tweeted, ”Country music has some pretty fit artist!! Since I’ve stopped playing sports I haven’t worked out in 6 years. I’ve got 4 months off basically and randomly got some motivation to start eating healthy and working out every day. Let’s see what we can look like in 4 months”

In his new book, ” Grit & Grace: Train the Mind, Train the Body, Own Your Life,’ Tim McGraw writes that Faith Hill saved his life when she told him to lose weight and get sober following the deaths of several close friends and family members. “I drank more to dull the discomfort. Getting real like only she can do, Faith told me, ‘Partying or family, take your pick’.”