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Titus County COVID-19 – 1,016

Titus County, on Monday, added 31 COVID-19 cases, bringing the total count to 1,016. As of 5:00 pm Tuesday, the state reported that Titus had 870 positive, 680 recovered, and 201 active.

Former Mayor, Jerry Boatner sent the following to Titus County residents on Judge Brian Lee’s Facebook.

FORMER MAYOR, JERRY BOATNER, is not on Facebook, but he asked me to share this with you ……

Titus County, Accept the Challenge

This country we enjoy was shaped for us by the generations of our parents and our grandparents. They stepped up and met the challenges of the Great Depression and World War II.

Today, we are challenged by the community spread of a deadly virus. You could catch it from anyone you come in contact with. None of us is really comfortable wearing a face mask. But wearing a mask is not for me, it’s for those around me. This is the time to think about other people first.

More people around town are now wearing masks in public. The good news is that we do not need to wear a mask at home, or in our vehicles, or when we are outside away from others. But when we go inside a building or among others in a crowd, we need to wear a mask. Up to 40% of those who catch the COVID virus show no outward symptoms. This could be you or me. And by wearing a mask, it helps protect those around us we might come near. Again, think of others first.

Each of us can do simple things to set examples for others — wash our hands regularly, work to maintain distance, and wear a mask where it is needed.

It’s time for us as American citizens to unite in fighting a common enemy and knock this virus down in Titus County. So, let’s change the channel — not on TV, but in our heads. It’s time for adults in Titus County to join together and accept the responsibility that is ours.

Step up and meet the challenge. It’s our turn.