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TItus County Deputies Arrest Two for Deadly Conduct


From Titus County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page

Monday, September 7, 2020, Titus County Deputies received a report of shots being fired toward a residence on the 100-Block of County Road 3045. After the deputy’s arrival and while still on scene, more shots were fired and the bullets struck in proximity to the deputy and the complainant.

At that time, the deputy instructed the complainant to return inside the residence as a precaution. After reporting the Sheriff’s Office incident, the deputy proceeded to cautiously determine the person’s location or persons doing the shooting.

A short time later, the deputy located and identified two adult males in the 100-block of nearby County Road 3050 who he detained at that time. The deputy was able to determine that the two men had been target practicing and had been shooting a small-bore rifle in the direction of the complainant’s yard and where the deputy and complainant had been standing when they fired the last several shots.

Having a probable cause that the two men had committed the offense of Deadly Conduct, 57-year-old Primitivo Cespedes and 17-year-old Cristian Cespedes had been shooting in the complainant’s direction’s yard. Both men were arrested for the third-degree felony offense and transported to the Titus County Jail. The deputy seized the suspected rifle.

Fortunately, no one was killed or injured, but the tragedy could have quickly happened in this instance.

This morning, Titus County Sheriff Tim Ingram would like to remind citizens that they should use the utmost care when shooting firearm of any kind and follow basic firearms safety rules. Included in those rules is the necessity that shooters always know what is beyond their target. It holds whether target practicing or when hunting. Even common small-bore firearms such as a .22 Long Rifle has a potential range of one and a half miles.