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Titus County Ends Wednesday With 79 COVID-19 Cases

COVID-19 update May 13
Titus County ended Wednesday with 79 cases, nearly doubling yesterday count of 40. Without any investigation on these new cases, Judge Brian Lee says he can’t give much information. Here is a breakdown of today’s 39 additional cases.

* 20 are results from Sat May 9 test event at Civic Center
* Several are additional cases within the same household
* Many are plant related, either employees or family members
* 20 Female 19 Male
* age 10-19 2
* age 20-29 4
* age 30-39 8
* age 40-49 7
* age 50-59 14
* age 60-69 3
* age 70-79 1
Some will say it’s just a small percentage of the population. Some will say it isn’t that serious, and it’s like the flu.
Some will say shut everything down.
Everyone has their opinion; please respect others’ views.
No one knows the perfect solution.
These new numbers did not come from recent openings of salons or restaurants. The count has been slowly building behind the scenes in a variety of locations like crowded workplaces, homes, and carpools. We can’t ever be sure because so many people have few or no symptoms.
Be safe, be careful, stay home if you are vulnerable, keep your hands clean, and I know you don’t like it, but wear a mask in a crowd to protect others from you.
Tomorrow we will get to work with state personnel to help us with this recent surge in numbers.