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Titus County Fugitive Arrested In Collin County

From Titus County S.O Facebook Page

Zachary Taylor Holt was arrested Sunday evening in Collin County on Titus County Warrants for Theft of Property greater than or equal to $30,000 and Less than $150,000, a Third-Degree Felony.

In July of 2022, Zachary Taylor Holt, from the DFW Metroplex area, entered into a contractual agreement to build a Barn-dominium for a customer in Titus County. Before completion of the structure, Holt abandoned the project, leaving the property owner the financial burden of completing the project at a cost that greatly exceeded the residual amount agreed upon upon completion.

Upon receiving the report in July of 2022, Titus County Sheriff’s Investigators began to look into other of Holt’s activities in North Texas, whereby they learned that Holt had exhibited a pattern of abandoning construction projects after receiving the majority of payment and in most of those cases, other affected customers, often had to spend twice as much or more, to complete the projects.

Titus County Sheriff’s Investigators contacted many of Holt’s previous customers during the investigation. They obtained statements that presented evidence of a clear pattern of fraudulent activity by Holt.

Based on our investigation, it appeared probable that Holt had been entering into contracts, including in our case, intending to defraud his customers of their money to pay for construction. Upon presenting a probable cause affidavit to the Titus County District Attorney’s Office, Zachary Taylor Holt was charged with the theft offense related to the Titus County Case.

Officials told most of the victims from other jurisdictions that civil means was their only recourse for Holt’s actions. Holt’s repetitive and frequent acts rose to the level of proving Holt’s intent to defraud. We are aware that several other agencies are now looking more closely into complaints of Holt’s activities.

Zachary Taylor Holt was advised of his wanted status in July of 2023 and promised to turn himself in but, instead, elected to remain on the lam until his arrest yesterday.