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Tom Hanks Talks Toys In Today’s Hollywood Report

The Daily Mail claims Prince Harry texted Jennifer Aniston in 2009 after he saw her naked GQ Magazine cover. Author Ian Halperin tells the Sunday Mirror, ”He told a close friend his favorite actress was Jen and got her number. He texted her and sent emojis. One source told me Jen was aware of Harry’s crush but didn’t want to lead him on because of the age difference.”

Hello magazine, says a fake picture of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son, Archie, was posted on the Internet on Saturday. It showed the toddler lying on a soft blue blanket while wrapped in a green towel. The picture was posted on a Twitter account that looked official.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did release a Father’s Day picture of Archie yesterday that showed him clasping his father’s fingers while staring at the camera.

Liza Minnelli’s mother, Judy Garland, starred in ”A Star Is Born” in 1954Entertainment Tonight asked Liza what Judy would have thought of Lady Gaga’s performance in the 2018 version of the movie. She said,  “She would have laughed. And then she would have gotten into it. I can hear her saying, ‘OK, let’s go! Great to the end!”

Tom Hanks, who stars in Toy Story 4, tells the Daily Express that he used to make his own toys. “I was constantly making my own toys. I was not big on the store-bought toys. I never had things like that. And I didn’t make anything very sophisticated because I’m not big on engineering. I would have one little thing and use my imagination to turn it into something else. I would use can openers and pretend they were helicopters, I would take a wine cork and put four toothpicks in it and make a little lunar lander. Give me a good set of pipe cleaners and some Play-Doh and you could make anything!”

Toy Story 4 opens Thursday night.

Chris Hemsworth tells NBC that his first job was as a breast pump cleaner. ”My first job was cleaning out breast pumps. I literally worked for a pharmacy, and they would rent them out and the machines would come back and I would have a toothbrush, a little spray-and-wipe.”

Jennifer Lopez tells E! News that she thinks she and Alex Rodriguez will marry in 2020. “Soon. Soon. Not soon-soon, but next year. I’d like a big wedding and I’d like to get married in a church this time. I’ve never been married in a church and I’ve been married three times, and once was nine months and one was 11 months, so I don’t really count those. But I was married to Marc for 10 years, with the kids.”

Life & Style Weekly Magazine claims Channing Tatum is allegedly falling in love with Jessie J. A source tells the magazine, “He’s totally consumed by this love affair and wants to be with Jessie 24/7. They’ll spend the whole day in bed together, oblivious that there’s a world out there. He doesn’t have to hunt for work, so he may as well enjoy his time with the love of his life. He’s obsessed with Jessie and that’s all that seems to matter to him at the moment.”

Julia Roberts tells Variety magazine that the original ending for ”Pretty Woman” was dark and shocking. “My character was tossed out of a car, and Lewis threw the money on top of her, as memory serves, and just drove away leaving her in some dirty alley. Thank god it fell apart.

The Sun claims Daniel Craig may have trouble running in the next James Bond movie because of his ankle injury and subsequent surgery. A source tells the newspaper, “The world doesn’t know how hard he worked to get back to running properly after the injuries on Spectre. So now this has not only impacted his emotions but also left him concerned if he will be able to run at full speed during this film. No-one knows yet how not being able to do his daily physio workouts for his knees and legs, as he recovers, will impact his running.”